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It is not unusual for homemakers to shake their heads and ponder what bath tap they want with a number of various tapes on the market and varied forms and sizes. Whether you only replace your bathroom taps or set up a new bathroom, you should not ignore the taps. You should examine the pressure of the water, the design of your bathroom, and even the ecological nature of it. We will explain the many varieties of Shower and Bath Taps in Australia offered by this tap purchasing guidance and everything you need to consider before shopping, to make your selection easier and more stress-free.

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How to Choose a Right Shower Tap?

Seeking the correct shower tap, there are various factors to consider, especially if it is indoor or outdoor. It is essential to understand what kinds of duch heads, shower columns, plants, and materials are available because you would want to pick the most appropriate one for the shower. Make sure that your interest likewise matches the shower nicely.

Factors to Consider before Buying Shower Taps

  • Material
  • Tap Installation
  • Shower Mixer Taps
  • Shower Columns
  • Shower Head Installation & Others

Types of Bathroom Taps

When it comes to buying Shower and bath Taps Online in Australia, there are countless possibilities, from contemporary to classic taps, from black to silver chrome. So, what tap is ideal for you and your requirements? Let's find out below!

  • Waterfall Taps

Waterfall taps, sometimes referred to as mono-mixer taps, allow users to regulate the heat of the tap using a heel handle, which may be pushed left or right, or lifted up to control the flow of water. This is a contemporary version of the basic mixer tap, which is frequently seen in most bathrooms today.

  • Mixer Taps

The mixer taps run hot and cold water through heated pipes, but the two pipes mix together before spilling out. This is one of the most popular tap alternatives since you are a bath lover because it is considerably easier to get the right temperature. Some mixer taps also have a bath and shower blender that functions as a mixer tap. This style of tap is ideal for families with children since mixers do not freeze cold water or squirt heated. You may also wish to consider a thermostatically bathing mixer tap that guarantees the water temperature is consistent.

  • Tall Taps

Due to the rising popularity of the counter-top basin, large-scale mixer taps have grown increasingly popular over the years. Their distinctive look and generally contemporary design are widely sought after in contemporary houses and are sometimes supplemented by standalone tapes through a stand-alone roll top.

  • Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are one of the most frequent basins taps that may be found in ancient homes. It consists of 2 taps, one running hot and the other running cool water.

  • Wall Mounted Taps

There may be wall-mounted taps that rise above the bath or lake in certain contemporary bathrooms. Despite its elegant and opulent design, this style of tap can be difficult to install due to the pipes and plumbing behind the wall.

  • Deck Mounted Taps

Deck-mounted taps are linked via drilled holes to the bath, bathtub, or bathroom. You may use pillar taps through two different taps (one hot and one cold) or a single hole in the form of a mono-mixer.

How Much Do They Cost?

Generally, Shower and Bath Taps Prices in Australia range from as low as AUD 59 to AUD 399, depending on the design, type, and brand you choose, without the installation cost. When it comes to the installation cost, Aussies should expect to spend somewhere between AUD 50 to AUD 99. Paylessdeal comprises a wide variety of shower and bath taps here on this page from different online stores at different prices. Hence, it allows you to choose your required tap with ease, compare the prices and ultimately save as much as possible.