Elegant, well-groomed shoes and an outfit appropriate to the occasion are a showcase that says a lot about us. Footwear should always be cleaned and polished, and the accessories selected for it should be consistent. Shoelaces in Australia are one of those accessories that you can easily choose from the offer on our website.

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Laces for Elegant Shoes

Most elegant footwear models are tied with laces. Such classics include, for example, brogues, oxfords and derbies. The few elegant shoes are fastened with buckles and this type includes, for example, monk shoes.

When choosing the right laces, first of all, pay attention to the colour of the shoes. A tasteful look based on the classics is one in which the skin tone is matched almost perfectly to the shade of the laces. You will have the easiest task when the shoes are, for example, brown or black, because then you do not have to check many colour variants and you simply choose brown or black laces. Remember not to mix shades of contrasting shades in elegant shoes, e.g. white laces and black shoes.

Various Shapes of Laces

Shoelaces can be round, cylindrical or completely flattened. They also have different widths. A more decorative version of shoelaces has become satin ribbons, which young people like to wear with shoes in an urban style.

For the convenience of threading them through the holes, satin laces have waxed, much slimmer ends. Such laces give the shoes a much less official look, so you can wear them not necessarily matching the colour of the shoes. So, the combination of white shoes with black laces will be the most acceptable.

Shoelaces for Trekking and Hiking Shoes

Trekking shoe laces have to meet the demands of long, exhausting hikes over steep, bumpy or muddy terrain. Mountain and hiking boots should fit the foot properly even in the most unfavourable environmental and weather conditions.

This task rests largely with the laces that are not supposed to loosen on their own, and changing the tension many times must not cause stretching or premature failure. It is worth equipping yourself with the best quality laces for trekking shoes, which are characterized by good durability and strength.

Buy Best Shoelaces in Australia

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