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Angel Graffiti S ~Anatahe no Profile~ [J...


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Digital Pinball: Last Gladiators [Japan...


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Formula Grand Prix: Team Unei Simulation...


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Space Hulk - Sega Saturn


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Grandia Memorial Package [Japan Import]


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Gotha II: Tenkuu no Kishi [Japan Import]


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Sword Sorcery [Japan Import]


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Pro Yakyuu Greatest Nine '97 [Japan Impo...


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World Advanced Daisenryaku: Kotetsu no I...


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DecAthlete (Saturn Collection) [Japan Im...


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NiGHTS into Dreams (with 3D Control Pad)


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Angelique Special [Premium Pack] [Japan...


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AMOK [Japan Import]


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Saturn Bomberman for SegaNet [Japan Impo...


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Steep Slope Sliders (SegaSaturn Collecti...


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Dynamite Deka (SegaSaturn Collection) [J...


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Sega Ages: Space Harrier [Japan Import]


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Pro Yakyuu Greatest Nine '97 Make Miracl...


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Shin Shinobi Den [Japan Import]


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Sankyo Fever Vol. 2: Mihata Simulation [...


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Melty Lancer: Ginga Shoujo Keisatsu 2086...


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Sega Ages: Power Drift [Japan Import]


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Jissen Mahjong [Japan Import]


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Hyper 3D Taisen Battle: Gebockers [Japan...


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Sega Saturn is the fifth desktop video game console produced by Sega and today marks the 25th anniversary of its arrival in North America. However, this platform did not go down in history for being innovative or for its extensive catalogue of games as others did. Retro gamers still play Sega Saturn Games in Australia. If you are one of them, you will be happy to find a wide range of Sega Saturn games. This Sega console was launched on the market on November 22, 1994, in Japan and later on May 11, 1995, it finally landed on our continent.

Price and Availability

The platform had fierce competitors such as PlayStation and later Nintendo 64, so it was not one of the favourites of the public. However, it managed to extend its life thanks to the fact that in recent years it lowered its prices considerably, in addition to having some fun commercials that passed to the history of the industry. Sega Saturn Games price in Australia starts from 50 AUD. Here above, we have enlisted in some of the best stores from where you can buy your favourite game.


Released in 1994, Sega hastily released it to compete with the first PlayStation. At first, it had hardly any games, and the first few releases didn't do the hardware justice, so it wasn't very successful. But he left us great games like Panzer Dragoon Saga, Virtua Fighter 2 or Nights.

In recent years, most of us have realized that Saturn has mostly mastered small-arms side scrolling games and 32-bit vertical scrolling, two-dimensional fighting games, expanded JRPG and 2D and 2D motion platforms. The 2D Sega monster updated the 16-bit template with the best 32-bit graphics and music it could offer in the 1990s, including millions of colors, a smoothly moved pixel image and smooth-sized effects that brought the game home.

A new Sega Saturn Console

More than 20 years after the launch of the Sega Saturn console, a new Sega Saturn has gone on sale in Japan. Seeing the current trend to release mini versions of classic consoles. Is it a Sega Saturn mini? Is it a new version of the mythical Sega Saturn? Well, neither one thing nor the other, since unfortunately, it is not a new console, although it is a smart device. And it is an official Sega product. With the arrival of this new console, the old retro games come alive.

With a great history behind it, Sega is one of those developers who helped to consolidate what is today the video game industry. The company will always be remembered for being the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog and large consoles such as the Mega Drive (which sold nearly 40 million units). However, some of its teams did not have the support of the critics and the public in the same way and marked the descent of the Japanese giant to anonymity. Precisely, the Sega Saturn is one of them.