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Kaitou Apricot [Japan Import]

$ 55.04

The Ring: Terror's Realm [Japa...

$ 141.51

Yukawa Senmu no Otakara Sagash...

$ 77.16

Neppachi VI @VPACHI: CR O Taka...

$ 117.98

D no Shokutaku 2: Bliss [Japan...

$ 80.74

Rez [Japan Import]

$ 355.52

Fushigi Dungeon - Furai no Shi...

$ 1025.82

Mr. Driller [Japan Import]

$ 350.86

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike...

$ 310.84

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure [Japa...

$ 381.23

NFL 2k Game

$ 38.38


$ 77.39

Nhl 2k Game

$ 36.69

Dreamcast" Memory Unit

$ 35.91

Daisessen: Tsuushin Taisen Log...

$ 67.50

Coaster Works Game

$ 27.43

Shutokou Battle [Japan Import]

$ 67.01

Satazius Next Dreamcast

$ 77.19

Wolflame Dreamcast

$ 76.84

Trigger Heart Exelica [Japan I...

$ 155.76

Magic Pockets

$ 85.57

Alice's Mom's Rescue

$ 68.90

Musapey's Choco Marker [Japan...

$ 258.70

Bang Busters

$ 81.43

Guilty Gear X [Japan Import]

$ 1045.52

Marionette Company 2 Chu! [Jap...

$ 151.28

Aero Dancing F [Japan Import]

$ 197.01

D no Shokutaku 2: Hope [Japan...

$ 144.33

Cool Boarders Burrrn [Japan Im...

$ 65.50

Trizeal [Japan Import]

$ 1017.96

Cool Cool Toon [Japan Import]

$ 166.85

Battle Crust

$ 82.89

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Many consider the Sega Dreamcast to be a console ahead of its time, the victim of an era that failed to understand it fully. Faced with low sales despite multiple price drops, Sega decided to discontinue the Dreamcast in March 2001, and this is the last time the company was featured in the video game console arena, as it restructured its business model to become a third-party publisher.

Dreamcast is the sixth and last video game console so far produced by Sega. It was developed in cooperation with Hitachi and Microsoft. Dreamcast is the successor to the Sega Saturn and was released to gain ground on Sony's PlayStation and Nintendo's Nintendo 64, and compete with their successor systems. It belongs to the sixth generation of consoles. Production was halted on March 31, 2001, following Sega's decision to dedicate itself exclusively to video game programming.

Its main features are its GD-ROM optical reader and its Hitachi processor. The system was the first to have a built-in modem for online gaming. Like its predecessor, Sega Saturn, others had it as an optional peripheral, and not in all countries where they were distributed. In this version, the modem was improved and could also be used in Latin America.

We are not going to enter into the enthusiastic assessment that a vital sector of gamers make of the last console with which Sega faced its competition in terms of platforms. Still, the truth is that its rise and subsequent failure was as heroic as it was unnecessary. The Dreamcast was the all-by-all from Shoichiro Irimajiri's company in response to the Nintendo 64 and the increasingly ubiquitous PSX (or the first version of Playstation ).

With almost 20 years after it was discontinued, Dreamcast will soon receive an entirely new game that is sure to be the ideal pretext for its enthusiasts to dust off the console and relive its old glories.

The name of this new title is Arcade Racing Legends, and according to the developer Pixelheart, it is a retro indie game that serves the 20th anniversary of Dreamcast last year (this is imprecise, since the console went out in late 1998 in Japan, but arrived in America in 1999).