The Sega CD is a CD-ROM device for the Mega Drive console. The packaging of its programs is real chaos where the rational, complete jewel case is mixed up, with a capacity of up to six CDs and, if the central supports are eliminated, two total manuals, to the stupidity of the mega box that does not fit into any standardised space creating nightmares for distributors and users who have to replace a damaged box. If you have Sega Drive console, you will be looking for the Sega CD games. Sega CD games in Australia are also available online at

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Sega had taken half out of Nintendo in the 16-bit race. But with the launch of the Super Nintendo, things went head-to-head. Sega knew it was only a matter of time before his most staunch foe would finally gain the upper hand. And, a few months after the SNES came out, in January 1992, he made the big announcement: Next year we will release the Sega CD! As was logical, given the joy that the Mega Drive had given us, none of the Sega fans hesitated to get excited, and we took the bait like silly fish.

Sega released the add-on in December 1991 in Japan, in October 1992 in the United States and in April 1993 in Europe. All of us who owned a Mega Drive bought it. After all, none of them wanted to be left out of the next generation! In the first three weeks, all the units were sold (50,000 to be exact).

If Sega was characterised by something in the 90s, it was because of the paranoid fear that it came to feel before the products of the competition. The growing popularity of the CD-ROM format and the Super FX chip from Super Nintendo was his greatest fears, and those that gave rise to the add-on for Mega Drive at hand: Mega-CD. But as we already know, fear leads to the dark side.