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Perhaps you’re not familiar with many brands that offer a handsome range of cycling apparel but Santic in Australia doesn’t need any introduction – thanks to its huge assortment of apparel not only for men but for women as well. Santic has answers to all of your questions such as no compromise on quality, exceptional products at competitive rates, and of course, super-fast customer services.

The company claims that all products mentioned at their official online Santic Store directly come from their factory which ensures that the fitting and fabric both are tested very well and approved by a team of experts.

The company doesn’t only offer exceptional quality clothing items but Santic has always established the highest quality levels in all items and, thanks to its hassle-free and user-friendly environment, they have brought a revolution to online shopping for cycling apparel.

They have the best range and a lot of versatility that contributes to their work and success. They also ensure that customers can easily purchase the desired products from all over the world within 24 hours, as they provide shipping facilities to different parts of the world and have managed to expand their business. The facility for return and exchange is very convenient, too.


They have a wide variety of products under the Santic Sale section for men as well as women such as tops, bottoms, and accessories. They always strive to give you an excellent online shopping experience through their comprehensive website.

Therefore, Santic has got you covered whether you’re looking for bottoms, tops or accessories. Let’s have a look at some of their best products below:

Santic Azure Short Sleeve Men's Cycling Jersey, a performance jersey for training and riding, uses a lightweight and durable fabric in any riders' dressing room to produce a solid, yet an essential product.

This long-sleeve jersey is tailored for all level riders, and the traditional style of a mixture of black white and red colours is still your way to biking.

This casual, semi-fit cycling top is the right choice for day-to-day walks and relaxation. Professional sports garment feeling is supplied with flexible and highly breathable material.

Stay fit with their Santic Ling women's Short Sleeve top and look fantastic and work better. Using an advanced technology, they can keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's dry, and their short-sleeve top for women blends saintly dynamic gradient compression, to improves the circulation and to bring more oxygen to the active muscles.

The shorts Santic Ranger MTB blends a secure and durable ripstop fabric with extra ETA protection all year round. The stretch fabric allows unlimited mobility which makes XC, trail and racing fun.

The Santic Amundsen gloves have a unique Hex padding combination, the ventilated palm and a back panel, which reduces moisture and makes it comfortable to fit. Quality and comfort are suitable for both courses and long days in the saddle.

Aerodynamics is the Santic Aero Speed glove Ashima. Your hands are the beginning of your body to cut into the air, but your fingers are an aerodynamic disaster.

Light and robust ripstop fabric and additional year-round DWR treatment are paired with Santic Yarris MTB Shorts. The stretch fabric makes uncompromising motions perfect for cycling, XC and trail riding.

Unique Sirius patterns imply a mysterious power to boost your overall performance, and are well-designed and produced All-rounder Jersey for racing or weekend coffee.

Where to Buy for Less?

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A variety of Australian stores, including Amazon, which sells Santic products at different prices have been listed above. Hence, you can quickly find the lowest possible price quite conveniently and in the end, you save a big.