Samsung Galaxy A50 Cases

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  • VRS Designs Damda Shield
  • Spigen Liquid Crystal
  • UAG Scout Series
  • Otterbox Defender Series

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WBCMWH Shockproof Case for Samsung A51 A71 A31 Phone Cover for Galaxy S20 Ultra S10 Lite Note 10 Plus A50...


Samsung is known for its flagship devices, but it’s also covering a huge part of the lower-priced market with its several excellent smartphones at different rates. The Samsung Galaxy A50 is the company’s premier budget offering with up to snuff performance, triple rear camera and AMOLED display. Though it’s a budget-friendly variant, it’s not expandable – therefore, you need protection to make sure it lasts for the years to come. To protect it from accidental bumps and drops, here is a compiled list of Samsung Galaxy A50 Cases Australia.

A50 Cases VRS Designs Damda Shield:

A case doesn't just need to be protective - but it can add new features as well. Wallet cases are impressive, but the entire design of the folding wallet case is not suitable for everyone. For these people, there is VRS Designs Damda Shield. It consists of a combination of polycarbonate and TPU which protects from a wide range of risks, but the real headline function is found on the back. A small bump at the rear indicates where the card is stored. Slide the cover back, and you have room for up to two credit cards and some money. This not the spacious wallet case, but it's comfortable and safe.

Spigen Liquid Crystal:

Spigen's transparent case Liquid Crystal offers excellent protection without hiding your style. The TPU consists of hard but lightweight shock absorption and anti-slip characteristics that are entirely clear for your phone as well. The inside of the case is smooth, and the edges raised to ensure that the screen is protected. Spigen's build quality is reliable, although it won't be as robust as a case, making the liquid crystal an exceptional case for regular everyday use.

UAG Scout Series:

UAG's cases are generally rather noisy in terms of fashion, so the understated design of Scout is a real new breath. It is lightweight, thin, and does not give your phone too much bulk, but can be very protective thanks to a softcore that can withstand impacts and drops. It meets the norms of a military drop. It's covered with a slipcover so that you can hold on to it firmly, and there's a lens on its outside of the camera lenses and display to avoid scratches or pollution. Without adding weight or thickness, it is excellent and most important of all; it doesn't set users back a lot.

Otterbox Defender Series:

Otterbox always provides a good starting point if you want protection and don't care for anything else. Another industrial veteran is Otterbox Defender, and that is an excellent reason. It utilises several layers of plastics to provide a solid defence, and a slipcover is placed on the tough outside shell to increase grip. A higher edge is available to protect the screen and the camera, while covers for each port make sure that nothing enters into those otherwise unprotected areas. It also features an optional belt clip and hands-free kickstand. On the lower side, it's more expensive and bulkier than most other cases, but if you want to protect it, it's worth it!

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