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Look no further than Rockway in Australia if you are in need of Probiotic Medicines. The company was founded back in 2006, and all their products are manufactured by BJP Laboratories in Australia. They are one of the leading and well-recognised Australian brands as their products are currently available in approx.—2000 pharmacies alongside health food stores across the country. And most interestingly, Rochway has been exporting its products in more than 30 countries in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia as of now.

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 All their products available at Rochway Store in Australia are made of 100% natural ingredients without using pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemical fertilisers. All their products are entirely based on the probiotic bio-fermentation formula of papaya fruit as well as the leaf.

Although Rochway has achieved a number of goals already but they are seeing their selves as the leader in the world of probiotic alongside a handsome range of probiotic products. Besides, Rochway strives to provide the exquisite online shopping experience to its customers, and their 24/7 availability ensures that their customers get the utmost services without any hassle. Rochway also offers flexible shipping options, which is a big aid, with no doubt.

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The availability of Rochway Sale and promotions on their official online store can help you get your desired product without having to spend a fortune. They are committed to providing you quality products and convenience and hassle-free online shopping experience. Let’s have a look at some of the best products below:

  • Bio-Fermented Papaya Leaf Concentrate

You cannot eat the part of the plant, but Papaya leaves are, in reality, a rich green treasure chest with a strong antioxidant and Papain digestive enzyme. Rochway Bio-Fermented papaya leaf concentrate provides you with this goodness concentrated in (and much tastier) form by fermenting the raw leaves into a little natural sweetener using six strains of probiotic bacteria and yeast that add their own advantages to digestion and gut health.

  • Bio-Fermented Coconut Water with Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle's Bio-Fermented Coco Water is a delicious concentrate that the entire family will enjoy every day. Up to 8 liters will be produced with this 500 ml concentrate. Each 15ml contains a good value of NKCA of six billion good bacteria compared to a pure probiotic of 25 billion. For a probiotic / bio-fermented plant, the ingredients are extracted, modifying the structure eventually and thereby producing a bio-active concentrate.

  • Papaya (Paw Paw) Leaf Tea

Leaf Papayas is a concentrated source of 100% whole leaves with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, chlorophyll, and Fibre. Papaya leaves are believed to have anti-cancer properties and are used in Asian countries for 1000 years to cope with digestive problems.

  • Bio-Fermented Olive Leaf Extract Probiotic Formula

Olive Leaf Extract is an all-natural product with different ingredients to improve the well-being of yourself. Ancient Greeks use the Olive Leaf Extract, and scientists have since found important elements in an olive leaf. Valuable lactic are produced as a natural preservative via the fermentation cycle.

  • Organic Cranberry w/MultiplyPlus

Biological Cranberry Dandelion and Papaya Probiotic Punch is the ideal safety and antioxidant service for women vulnerable to UTI. It is important to help your well-being every day. This is 99% sugar free, free of gluten, and free of lactose.

  • Olive Leaf Cool Mint Throat Spray

Olive Leaf Throat Spray in an efficient, safe antioxidant, which regulates your immune system in the cold season. Research has shown that 2-6 sprays of Olive Leaf work when a sore and dry throat is removed. With every spray, this probiotic provides solid antiviral and antibacterial properties and ensures good oral hygiene.

  • Bio Fermented Papaya 35 fruit & Leaf

Papaya 35 consists of a complex range of enzymes that contribute to fat, carbohydrates and protein breakdown, and digestion. Papayas are one of the most effective sources of antioxidants-up to 20 times greater than Vitamin E. Beneficial lactic acids are generated through fermentation processes that function as a natural preservative and help maintain a healthy intestinal system.

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