Started journey back in July 2014, Roborock in Australia and other parts of the world have been offering products to make your routine life easier and comfortable. It was founded in China, and it’s named as Beijing Roborock Technology Co, Ltd.

Specialised in researching, developing, and manufacturing products. So far, Roborock has designed a handsome range of robot vacuums alongside cordless vacuums that work quite perfectly and enable you to spend your precious time with your nearest and dearest.

It’s currently headquartered in Beijing with many offices in other cities such as Shenzhen and Shanghai, where their scientists, designers, engineers, and experts work as a team and collaborate with others to produce state-of-the-art robotic vacuums to give you next-level comfort.

Alongside a vast range of robotic vacuums at their official Roborock Store online, the company upholds the value of integrity, positivity, cooperation, and, of course, exploration. They are very much down-to-earth and don’t believe in gimmicks.

Therefore, Roborock is true to its vision and brings a huge assortment of vacuums one after another that are loaded with technologies and promise the highest comfort.

Besides, for the convenience of their customers, Roborock promises a hassle-free and usable online shopping experience at its website. They provide 24-hour customer services, meaning customers can contact them at any time without having to worry.


Interestingly enough, Roborock Sale and promotions throughout the year let you get your desired robotic vacuum at unmatched rates without any hassle. They have a handsome range of cordless stick vacuums and robot vacuums under different categories to choose from. Some of the best products are as follow:

Roborock S6 Pure is captivating with everything from the award-winning S6 to the new upgraded kit at a lower price. Maximize the mopping performance with a water tank larger than its predecessor and a lighter mold factor.

Good integration of 13 advanced sensing forms ensures superior follow-up and fall avoidance to ensure a stress-free cleaning at all times.

S6 Pure is fitted with the same 2000 Pa efficient suction and laser room calculation, clever carpet identification, the Roborock Mobile or Xiaomi Mi Home App's washable HEPA Filter versatility, and preparation.

Take the Roborock H6 to adapt with the world's long-lasting cableless vacuum to the next level with your cleaning arsenal. Being one of the first batteries with a polymer lithium-ion battery, there is less charge and more cleaning.

With the specially designed, lightweight battery, it can run in the Eco mode for up to 90 minutes. The Roborock H6 is incredibly compact and convenient, with a weight of just 1.4 kg, which makes it easier to hit the most difficult spots.

With the latest Roborock S5 Max, free yourself from realistic cleaning. The S5 Max was designed to incorporate smoothly automatic mopping and sweeping as a home robotic vacuum in the next decade. Designed with a large water tank, the S5 Max remains in operation for more than twice the size of previous versions.

The S5 Max offers advanced features, including targeted room cleaning and adaptable route routing algorithms, compared with its predecessor so you can vacuum your home as easily as possible.

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