Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses can add style and elegance to your personality. Roberto was born in 1940 in Florence, his father Giorgio was a mining inspector and his mother Marcella, a tailor. During the Second World War, Roberto's father died, and his mother took care of the complete upbringing of Roberto.

In the beginning, he starts his business by manufacturing clothes, and over time he enhances his business and also starts making sunglasses and other clothing accessories. Roberto Cavalli sunglasses in Australia is available online so that you can buy them online.

Whether you are looking for the latest sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun or prescription glasses, you can find a wide range of sunglasses in various shapes and designs.


Full of new ideas, Roberto opened many new stores and designed a collection designed for all people. At that time, he also began manufacturing accessories such as handbags, belts, and prescription glasses. To this day, Roberto Cavalli is passionate about art and fashion and is continuously striving to improve his products.

Well if you are looking for sunglasses, we have mentioned a few stores where you can buy all the latest sunglasses. For the cost, Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses prices in Australia ranges from 100 to 500 AUD.