Retro gaming is as old a practice as video games. Gamers have always been reluctant to throw away their old consoles, but over time these have grown in value, sometimes even to disproportionate proportions. Currently, a console is considered "retro" if it was released between 1970 and 2005, which excludes the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii generation. All consoles released before are now part of this category, even the PlayStation 2. You can still play Retro Video Games in Australia, as we have mentioned some of the best stores from where you can place the order of your desired Retro video game and go back in your future.

Price and Availability

Video games are part of our daily lives today. Many of us grew up alongside mythical characters, at a time when graphics and special effects weren't enough to make a successful title. DGS presents today the ten most popular video games of all time that influenced the following generations and that we still talk about today. Retro video games price in Australia ranges from $15 to $250 AUD depending upon the type and genre of the game. Here above, you can find the most favorite and popular retro games from the 90s.


Playing retro video games has never been so easy, Internet users have access to a multitude of free online video games from another era. Between Sonic 2, Aladdin, and Mortal Combat Trilogy through the inevitable Street Fighter II and the unforgettable Super Mario World, here is a selection of five video games that marked the 90s. 

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Some collect retro games because they prefer their aesthetics or their gameplays, others because it reminds them of a simpler time. Everyone likes to take refuge in their childhood. Some gamers don't need realistic graphics or an open world to have fun; they need games from their childhood, just like a grandma's recipe that gives you a good time. Moment. They need to blow into a cartridge and then launch their console. But that's not the only thing that interests people when it comes to retro gaming.

You must have noticed, and older games cost less than the ones released last week. After a while, some games, like the old FIFA, even reach ridiculous prices. It is not uncommon to come across an old opus of "football simulation" for less than 20 AUD, and frankly, we are—just as much fun with. Unlike new games, the price of a retro game is not 100 AUD. Whatever happens, its cost is calculated based on its quality (and the demand of buyers).

Retro Game Boxes

What if you received an old video game every month, totally in line with your tastes? This is now possible thanks to the Retro Game Box. The trendy box that takes you back in time. The Retro Game box is inspired by a concept already well acclaimed in many sectors. Today, with the Retro Game Box, the idea is therefore entering the world of video games.