The company named RESCUE Remedy in Australia is basically a combination of five different flower essences that were combined by Dr. Edward Bach carefully as his Emergency Remedy back in 1930. And since 1930, yellow bottles of RESCUE Remedy have become famous and now used by millions of people not only in Australia but other parts of the world as well for handling stressful situations.

Since their inception, RESCUE Remedy has got huge popularity, and their small/little yellow bottles with original blend are shipped across the globe. Including original droppers and sprays to pastilles that are especially useful in your bag or desk, RESCUE Sleep that blends the original RESCUE combination with additional Bach Remedy White Chestnut Original Plant, in an attempt to ease sleeplessness in persistent and distracting thought.

Dr. Bach's principles in the encouragement of the mental health and the treatment of daily life have been expressed by the floral essences that are available at RESCUE Remedy Store in Australia. Dr. Bach explicitly chose these five flower essences when he looked at five common negative mental disorders that many people face every day in their busy lives.

What's more? Their range of products is available for Aussies with an excellent and hassle-free online shopping experience. Their round the clock availability ensures that their customers can reach them anytime from anywhere. RESCUE Remedy products are available approx. all pharmacies and health food stores across Australia, or you can buy online from Amazon and other well-recognised stores as well.


Different online platforms and online retailers/stores strive to provide their customers hassle-free and economical online shopping. Therefore, different RESCUE Remedy Sales and promotions are available on the Internet to shop for your desired product at unmatched rates. Let’s have a look at some of the best RESCUE Remedy products below:

The RESCUE Remedy Dropper incorporates the initial floral essences, which Dr. Bach found in the 1930s, in order to sustain emotional demand that is commonly used in periods of mild anxiety, tension, frustration, and restlessness. Just add 4 drops to a drink of your choice or place 4 droppings as much as needed on your tongue.

This famous RESCUE Pastille has four drops of RESCUE flowers, which makes it the perfect traveling guy to catch and go by clicking shut tin. The features of the drink are delicious, alcohol-free, not dry, pocket-friendly, and easy to use.

The spray incorporates the original five Bach flower remedies, all or derived exclusively from the original gardens personally identified by Dr. Bach, near the place where he resided and worked in Oxfordshire. The Spray consists of a mixture of Bach floral remedies commonly used to alleviate the symptoms of mild agitation, nervous anxiety, pain, chaos, and calmness.

RESCUE Sleep Dropper combines with the Bach Original Flower Cure, the White Chestnut. Such herbal treatments have historically been used to relieve persistent and disturbing feelings of sleeplessness.

This night spray combines the original formulation of the company with the cure for Bach Original Floral Chestnut. Combined these floral essences have historically been used to alleviate persistent and disturbing feelings of insomnia. Other features include alcohol-free, natural flavours, vegan, unique, non-drowsy, and user-friendly.

Where to Buy?

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