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Redback boots are 100 percent Australian boots that were specially designed for the workers. These boots are designed to provide comfort and are made up of full grain leather which is safe to wear during work. The brand is inspired by the hardworking people who work hard and give their full effort to the work. Redback boots are durable, long lasting, slip resistant and easy to wear.

History of the Brand

The brand is operated by the Cloros family, the 4th generation boot makers work every day in the factory. Their involvement means that they are personally responsible for the highest standards of production quality. In the years 1990, the Australian Government abolished the tariff barriers protecting boot manufacturers in Australia. As a result, many shoe manufacturers have relocated manufacturing abroad, where costs are lower. Redback decided to stick to manufacturing in Australia, convinced that there was still a demand for quality handmade Australian boots.

Redback began manufacturing boots for specific industries with high demand for the various department such as firefighters, police, paramedic, foundry, steelmakers and defense forces. The common requirement was to design boots that meet the requirements of these industries. Today, Redbacks have evolved and expanded their range to include general-purpose footwear for industry, hiking, hotel, and all-around footwear. The brand is growing rapidly as it is now one of Australia's largest footwear manufacturers and enjoys a global reputation for innovation. While experiencing significant growth, Redback's vision of providing quality Australian boots is always the same as it was before.

It manufactures different boots of various sizes depending on the style, sizes range from size 2-15. The brand uses a TPU sole. They do not use seams, screws or glue to fasten the shoe to the sole. These materials listed ventilation over time. These boots use a liquid/melted sole material, formed directly on the fibers of the leather under pressure. This method of manufacture gives a high-quality product, as the sole becomes an integral part of the rod. This method reduces the chance that the sole will detach from the leather. These boots are Oil, acid and heat resistance as the TPU sole found in Redback boots has excellent oil and acid resistance.

The soles are heat resistant up to 200 ° C. These boots are made up of high quality of leather the leather contains oils which must be reconstituted during the life of the boot. All Redback boots, with the exception of the ' Everest UEPU ' hiking shoe, have no lining. The brand believes that synthetic and leather liners attached to the leather stem can reduce the breathability of the boots. The brand uses a high-quality thick leather that allows your feet to breathe, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Where to Buy

Redback boots are manufactured and owned at 100 percent in Australia. Inspired shoes from the Australian hinterland, these boots are top quality full grain leather and offer unparalleled comfort. Redback boots are easily available in Australia. You can purchase these amazing shoes from the Australian best website Paylesdeal.com.au.