Realme Watch 2 Pro

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Realme Watch 2 Pro Specs

  • Dimensions: 38.9 x 25.2 x 12.7 mm
  • Weight: 40 Grams
  • Wrist Strap: Removable
  • Display: 1.75" IPS LCD (320 x 385)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Sensors: Heart Rate, 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Health Monitoring
  • Sport Mode: 90
  • Battery: 390mAh
  • Colour: Space Grey/Metallic Silver

Every year, every wearable brand strives hard to expand its products in a meaningful way. The well-recognised and highly admirable Chinese smartphone giant, Realme, back in December 2020, launched its first and foremost smartwatch, named Realme Watch. And now, the company has amazed the audience with two different and mind-boggling devices called Realme Watch 2 and Realme Watch 2 Pro in Australia, as well as other parts of the world.

This gorgeously designed smart wearable is particularly designed for those who are willing to give technology a new change to help them spend a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. It’s a budget-friendly smartwatch with bigger and impressive features like heart-rate monitoring, built-in GPS, plentiful sports modes, and awesome battery life.

    Design & Display

    Without a doubt, Realme has done an awesome job regarding the Realme Watch 2 design. The smartwatch is completely made out of the highest plastic material, which doesn’t feel cheap. However, it’s a bit thicker as compared to other watches – but that’s totally fine as far as the price tag is concerned. And thanks to its plastic construction, it feels a lot lightweight.

    The back of the smartwatch is actually a heart rate sensor and a unique charging magnetic contact point. The rear appears to be made of ceramic – but it’s also plastic, like other parts of the watch, save for the face, which is made of glass. The 1.75" IPS LCD display with a resolution of 320 x 385 pixels is provided by the Realme Watch 2 Pro. Like the Apple Watch or the Oppo Watch, this display is simple. However, it’s large enough to allow users to easily operate all the features.

    User Interface

    Every time you open the app, you may use the Realme Link application to access all your fitness data synchronised with the watch. The software also offers the opportunity to select a lookout from a wide collection. The UI is fluid and sensitive to the watch itself. When you get a wristwatch from Google WatchOS, it takes a while to get accustomed to it, but when you get it, you will feel happy to use it. Even if the YouTube Music app plays on your iPhone, you will receive all your alerts, and you can even monitor music.

    Battery & Connectivity

    The strength of the Realme Watch 2 Pro lies in its extended lifetime. The wearable is backed by a massive 390mAh battery even for intensive use for up to 10 days. The watch will go beyond 10 days and still have a few juices left. The Connectors operate on both iOS and Android systems, as far as the Realme Watch 2 Pro is concerned. It connects through Bluetooth 5.0 with smartphones and guarantees strong communication.

    Release Date & Price

    Realme surprised the audience with another masterpiece of technology called the Realme Watch 2 Pro back in May 2021. The precise release date, however, was May 29th of 2021, and currently, it’s officially available at all the major retailers and stores to shop at. The best Realme Watch 2 Pro Price in Australia is AUD 110, which makes it stand out from the crowd and gives severe competition to rivals like Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi. All the major Australian retailers and stores, including Amazon, are listed here on this page for you to go through, compare the prices, and buy it at the best affordable price. So, what’s the wait?