Realme Watch 2

Realme Watch 2

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Realme Watch 2 Specs

  • Dimensions: 35.7 x 25.8 x 12.2 mm
  • Weight: 38 Grams
  • Display: 1.4" IPS LCD (320 x 320)
  • Wrist Strap: Removable Wrist Strap
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Sensors: Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Sport Mode: 90
  • Battery: 315mAh
  • Colours: Black

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Realme Watch 2 Pro - Space Grey

Product Description

The Chinese giant Realme has gained huge popularity across the globe, including Australia, within a short span of time. Very much like Huawei and Xiaomi, the company has developed a wide number of gadgets to shine in the world and capture a handsome part of the market. Although it all started with a smartphone device, but it’s now manufacturing audio products, TVs, as well as smartwatches.

Back in May 2021, the company dropped two new pieces of technology called Realme Watch 2 in Australia alongside its "Pro" brother. It’s a significant upgrade over the Realme Watch with a lot of dazzling features, such as built-in GPS and more. Let’s have a look at the complete specifications, features, pricing, and availability below.

Design & Display

For the Realme Watch 2, the company was far from the square form factor. We have a rectangle footprint with a glittering plastic body. The sides may collect fingerprints, although they may be readily removed. A polycarbonate material, with a smooth matte feel, is the back that contains the majority of sensors. On the right, there is a side button labelled "multi-function button." The button may also be used for power, sleep, and waking.

The Realme Watch 2 features a 1.4" 320 x 320 pixel IPS LCD display. It has a tactile colour display that feels like the original realm Watch. We believe, however, that the quality has increased significantly. More details and contrast now appear on the screen. The colours are rich and dynamic as well. Now the brightness may easily be set to five levels if you're watching on a sunny day. The bezels remain substantial and the top and bottom are notably thick. It should also be noted that the previous year's models left the branding of the realm on the bottom belts in the cutting room.


The Realme Watch 2 arrives with the same well-known software. It supports proprietary OS with the current version. This implies that you may use the Link application to track your activities on your iPhone. Realme Watch 2, even when you are a first-time user, is quicker and easier to operate.

Fitness & Activity Tracking

The Watch 2 users can follow 90 sports modes, which is a huge jump from the 14 training modes from the previous year. It is also outstanding when monitoring essential aspects such as counter steps, calories burnt, active hours of the day, etc. You may also choose major warnings like sedentary warnings, water alerts, respiration, and cardiovascular warnings.

From five to 30-minute intervals, you may select your continuous heart rate. In addition, when you are sleeping, watch 2 may automatically detect you. It provides you with a considerable amount of information about your sleep by giving you information about the different stages of your sleep. It also gives you information about your heart rate as you sleep.


The Realme Watch 2 battery size is 315mAh. This is an increase from the 160mAh rating of the previous year. Watch 2 lasts up to 12 days. You can have around 10 to 12 days in your real-time use, which is absolutely fine as far as the price is concerned.

Release Date & Price

It was May 20th, 2021 when the Chinese giant Realme surprised its audience with the fantastically designed Realme Watch 2 smartwatch. The best Realme Watch 2 Price in Australia is only AUD 84 and it’s currently available in all the major stores across the country, including Amazon, to buy it conveniently. Paylessdeal strives hard to bring a handsome variety of Australian online stores here on this single page, offering the Realme Watch 2 at various prices. Hence, it allows you to compare the rates from one of the finest range of stores and buy it at the most affordable price.