Razer Nommo Chroma Computer Speakers

4/5 $298 - $1,983
  • 3 inch 2.0 Custom Woven Fiberglass Speakers
  • Bass ports facing the back of the speakers
  • Backlight RGB Chroma 16.8 million colours
  • Volume adjustment knob (also on / off speaker button)
  • Bass control button
  • Automatic gain control (via the bass control knob)
  • Frequency response: 50-20,000 kHz
  • Cable: 3.5 mm jack
  • Compatible on PC or Mac

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Razer Nommo Chroma 20 Gaming Speakers RZ0502460100R3B1


Razer 2.0 Gaming Speakers Custom Woven Glass Fibre 3-inch Drivers - Nommo Chroma


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The Razer brand is a world leader in computer equipment such as for keyboards, mice, monitors, and more. Razer announced its new computer speaker, which is also referred to as the Gaming speaker due to its fantastic design and specs which makes it look like gaming equipment. The gamers can buy Razer Nommo Chroma Speaker in Australia form the brands as mentioned earlier.

Variants and Prices:

There are three versions of the Razer Nommo speaker. The first is the Razer Nommo, Razer Nommo price in Australia is 180 AUD, it turns out to be the basic product. The second one is the Razer Nommo Chroma, and Razer Nommo Chroma's price in Australia is 280 AUD.

The price is differentiated by the addition of 16.8 million RGB colours embedded in the base of each speaker. Finally, there is one last model, which is the Razer Nommo Pro and its cost Razer Nommo Pro price in Australia will be of almost 500 AUD.

Bass ports:

Bass ports are hidden behind the speakers which are designed to give you a more powerful bass output for a richer and more extensive range of audio. The bass ports are in massive rooms, which amplify background noises to make you vibrate, hear a shot, or listen to the EDM.

On the right speaker is a bass control knob that allows you to fine-tune the output, to get the bass to shake the earth under your feet or softer bass for late-night sessions. Thanks to the automatic gain control, you can also enjoy bass scales without distortion.

Clear Sound:

The custom 3-inch woven fibreglass speakers are designed to produce ultra-clear sound with incredible sharpness. Incorporating custom fibreglass to the cones of the speakers affects the vibrations and produces accurate sound with higher frequencies, allowing you to hear multiple layers and audio details.

RGB Colours:

Finally, RGB lighting offers a particularly pleasant experience, with Razer's Chroma system a clear added value to the product, which transforms an underlying object into something pleasantly interactive on your setup. The waves of light, broadcast by the following speakers are fully configurable via software Synapse of Razer.

You will be able to let yourself go choose the colours to display in specific configurations of lights, as well as the speed, the oscillation of the latter. An infinite number of choices that successfully customize these speakers, in a world where the RGB is gaining ground and collecting fans on every desktop device.

Built-in Software:

Like any Razer product, you can set up and configure your hardware via the dedicated Synapse software. The possibilities here are not infinite, and we might regret a little that the audio adjustments are not more fine and complete via the app.

Synapse offers you sound volume management, and an equalizer already set to choose a use either by default or dedicated to video games, music or movies. The ideal would probably have been to customize this at leisure, to approach a fully customizable content for each user.

The different configurations, however, sound very fair for all cases. Each module has to be used with accuracy, bringing to your gaming sessions and your marathons music, movies or series, a sound experience as qualitative as rich, always haloed of this sound quality evident and balanced.