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Raymond Weil Women's Shine Qua...

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Timex Navi XL 41mm Automatic R...

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Seiko Analogical SSB367P1

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A Drink Before The War (Kenzie...

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Raymond Weil Watches Australia offers watches for all tastes & prices, its extensive catalogue guarantees that they will have a watch for you. Raymond Weil watches are luxurious and of high quality. The high-quality Raymond watches belong to the Swiss top! The Weil family designs the watches based on their passion for music and art.

Since Raymond Weil was founded in 1976 by Mr Raymond Weil, the brand become one of the most famous brands in the world. Because of the quality, original designs and various collaborations, the brand is loved by collectors and enthusiasts.

Brand Overview

Founder Raymond Weil added a new dimension to the watch industry with his brand. Thanks to his expertise and know-how, his watch brand was able to meet the requirements of the much-sought-after Swiss made label.

Raymond Weil watches first saw the light in 1976, at a time when the Swiss watch crisis was a reality. However, the family-owned brand played a significant role in recovering interest in classic watches, mixing technology and very modern designs with old-school crafts.

Over the years, the Raymond Weil brand has acquired an excellent reputation in the world of watchmaking, which has resulted in tributes and collaborations in music, with the production of limited edition watches for AC / DC or Los Beatles among others.

1976 - Foundation of the Brand by Raymond Weil, who concretized his vision of Swiss luxury watchmaking by making it more creative and accessible.

1982 - Olivier Bernheim, son-in-law of Raymond Weil, joined the company, of which he was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in 1996.

1983 – The brand is always known for its inspiration for the music, which reflects in its collection as well. Raymond launched Amadeus collection which was named after the classical Austrian compose Mozart.

1986 – For the tenth-anniversary celebration, the brand launched numerous collections which include Toccata, Othello, and feminine collection Fantasia that are the perfect blend of innovation, technology and refined design.

1999 - Creation of the Research & Development department, allowing the company to master the entire process of designing a watch, from design to quality control. With that, a few years later, they introduced the fully mechanical and masculine Don Giovanni Cosi Grande collection.

2006 - For the 30th anniversary Elie and Pierre Bernheim, grandchildren of the founder, join the company. The 3rd generation thus ensures family continuity, a guarantee of stability and sustainability, while bringing the brand a fresh look at luxury.

2008 – Raymond Watches become the official partner of major musical events such as BRIT Awards since 2008 as it strengthens the commitment with the music industry.

2011 – For celebrating the 35th Anniversary, Jasmine collection was launched with new campaign and tagline "Precision is my Inspiration".

2013 – Music become an essential part of the brand through partnerships and events. Raymond designed the booth for the Baselword fair. 

Raymon Watches – Taste for everyone

Raymond Weil is in line with the Swiss watch traditions but continues to innovate every day. The silver-coloured watches from Raymond Weil has a classic or modern design. Raymond Weil is always stylish; for example, you can opt for a silver watch with a black leather strap and a blue timepiece.

As a lover of gold watches, you can also go to Raymond Weil. These gold coloured watches are designed with a mix of gold and silver. Every Raymond Weil watch has sapphire glass. It is the durable watch glass in the world, with which you will not get any scratches.

Raymond Weil watches: Swiss quality and elegance

If you are a man and you like sports models, an exciting option is those of the Tango collection, since they are very versatile watches, which combine well with both a sport look and a more elegant look. Also, if you are a friend of the sport, these watches have features that will be very useful, such as the stopwatch or the ability to be submerged in the depths, if you practice diving.

In both the female and the male version, the Toccata collection watches are also a great choice, but they are more focused on an elegant look.

His designs are sophisticated and take care of even the smallest detail. Aesthetically they are watches that will not go out of style, and this is something that interests us because they are watches that will last many years with us.

Raymond Weil Watches Collections

Raymond Weil watches have a beautifully elegant design and feature a Swiss timepiece. The Raymond Weil collection includes various series including the Toccata, Tradition, Tango and Jasmine. Each series has its style and design, so the collection consists of a wide range of watches. These watches are available with a leather or steel strap. Some ladies' models are fitted with diamonds, making this Raymond Weil watches a real eye-catcher!

Buy Best Raymond Weil Watches in Australia

We present you the luxurious collections by the brand. With a Raymond Weil watch, you wear a stylish, luxurious watch and jewellery; All in one! Discover the elegant, refined watches from Raymond. For 40 years, the Swiss company Raymond Weil has been determined to promote the richness of watch technology.

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