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Ray-Ban Rb3119 Olympian Rectan...

$ 189.00

Ray Ban Round Polarized

$ 206.25

Ray Ban Justin Non Polarized

$ 156.00

Ray Ban Erika Polarized

$ 163.50

Ray Ban Justin Polarized

$ 171.00

Ray Ban Oversized Clubmaster N...

$ 153.75

Ray Ban Clubmaster Non Polariz...

$ 153.75

Ray Ban Aviator Non Polarized

$ 161.25

Ray Ban Aviator Non Polarized

$ 153.75

Ray Ban New Wayfarer Non Polar...

$ 144.00

Ray Ban New Wayfarer Non Polar...

$ 174.75

Ray-Ban Rb4171 Erika Round Sun...

$ 179.00

Ray-Ban Men's 0RB4165 Justin P...

$ 207.01

Ray-Ban RB3025 Classic Mirrore...

$ 187.90

Ray-Ban Rb3025 Classic Gradien...

$ 180.00

Ray-Ban Junior Kids' RY1528 Sq...

$ 176.72

Metallic Silver Mirror Replace...

$ 19.95

Ray Ban Aviator Polarized

$ 206.25

Ray Ban Round Double Bridge No...

$ 164.25

Ray Ban RB4147 Polarized

$ 196.50

Ray Ban Hexagonal Non Polarize...

$ 153.75

Ray Ban Clubround Non Polarize...

$ 164.25

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer Non...

$ 153.75

Ray-Ban RB4165 Justin Rectangu...

$ 172.20

Ray-Ban RB4165 Square Non-Pola...

$ 181.00

Ray-Ban Men's RX5206 Rectangul...

$ 159.00

Ray Ban Justin Polarized

$ 171.00

Ray Ban Clubmaster Polarized

$ 206.25

Ray Ban Clubmaster Polarized

$ 206.25

Ray Ban Round Non Polarized

$ 153.75

Ray Ban Justin Non Polarized

$ 141.00

Ray Ban Clubround Polarized

$ 216.75

Surely you have heard many times about the brand Ray-Ban who manufactures sunglasses for women and men. Ray-Ban Sunglasses Australia is one of the leading brands in the optics market, with long experience and unique designs that we all want to bring.

Its traditional, light, simple and highly combinable finishes have known how to stand out from other brands and become what everyone knows, one of the best sunglasses and prescription brands so far. Their quality makes them worth purchasing. All this, without counting how combinable they are thanks to their diversity of models (Aviator, Wayfarer, Erika, Clubmaster, among others).

Variety of Sunglasses

Thanks to this variety of goggles, we can find the right ones for both (daily) eyesight and the sun. Best of all: they can always graduate.

Clubmaster: The most vintage Ray-Ban glasses par excellence, but they do not stop being fashionable. A mix between Aviator and Wayfarer, mixed frame (half paste and half metal) is the strongest point of this model of glasses.

Justin: Inspired by the Wayfarer model, these sunglasses are very fashionable. With crystals and a more rectangular frame, Justin glasses promise to complement your outfit perfectly. Cool and fun glasses whose lenses are highly customisable.

Erika: you can't miss it. The Ray-Ban model Erika glasses is perfect for giving you that chic touch. Square lenses at the top that end up being round at the bottom and a frame with a rubber look. With them, you will cause a sensation.

Who can wear Ray-Ban prescription glasses?

They are indicated for both men and women, with vision problems or not. It is essential and recommended to choose your model based on whether you are a girl or a boy, basically because of the sizes. Despite this, there are the same models for both sexes, since Ray-Ban has always opted for unisex design.

When is the best time to use each type? For example, if you have myopia or similar problems, it is advisable to choose a model of prescription glasses.

Focus on the model that you like the most and on your face type, if you have it rounder or somewhat elongated—for example, the Cubmaster models (elongated and plastic) for more rounded faces. The metallised glasses, thin and round, on the other hand, are ideal for thin or elongated faces as they accentuate traits.

And even those of aviator, with the same characteristics, are the best for square or oval faces. As if this was not enough, these goggles also have the option, not only to offer you different styles and shapes but also frames.

We refer to full-frame, plastic, or metal sunglasses, as well as semi-rim or full-rim frames. You can choose your glasses for every moment of the day, thanks to the fact that you will find practically the same models in both vision and sunglasses.

Ray-Ban sunglasses, one of the best on the market

The choice of its materials has also been a success for this brand. The quality has been present in each of its models and collections since 1937.

Besides, it has an Italian manufacturer, Luxottica, a leader in this market and capable of creating, together with this, the best glasses. You can find from the Aviador range (perhaps the best known) to the Wayfarer sunglasses, through the Clubmaster and the Erika.

Exceptional value for money for all Ray-Ban glasses

Its designs, finished in metal or high-quality plastics, not only provide unique models of glasses but also make its value for money the best. Investing in the brand is always synonymous with durability and style.

In addition to being able to customise and personalise your glasses by choosing the frame, style and lenses, it also has very personalised service and a reasonably good guarantee.

Buy Best Ray-Ban Sunglasses in Australia

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