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Radiant heaters operate with infrared radiation as their name suggests. All objects radiate energy at a rate proportionate to the temperature of each object. The radiation infrared energy is absorbed by the objects on the unseen electromagnetic waves in Radiant Heaters in Australia. If you have ever sat in front of a fire, you have experienced radiant heat.

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Radiant heat varies from conduction or convention because it is directional and uninfluenced by the medium through which it passes, and when it passes through the air, it does not lose heat. The waves move straight away until they are absorbed by your clothes, skin, and furniture which means they make you feel warm in a jiffy.

Types of Radian Heaters

There are various methods to produce radiant heat which is reflected in the various types of radiant heaters available at your home. Some are common heaters, while others are manufactured into the house itself. The different types of Radiant heaters include:

  • Electric Radiant Heaters

Electric Radiant Heater generates heat through metal heating coils that operate through electricity - very much like electric heaters. It is used generally in space heaters, but also in floor or ceiling heaters. The heat is directed by reflective housings where necessary.

  • Gas Radiant Heaters

Gas Heater generates heat by combustion of gas and by using heat from radiant tubes to heat, which emits radiant heat as the temperature increases. To stop waste fumes from contaminating the air, it requires extra ventilation systems.

  • Floor Radiant Heaters

Floor Radiant Heater generates heat through a series of water tubes, hot air tubes or electrical wiring under your floor. The heat is transmitted to space by means of concrete, plywood or ceramic tiles. Hot air pipes usually are heated by the use of solar energy, while broilers pumping up warm water usually heat up water tubes.

  • Radiant Panels

Radiant Panels Generate heat through electric cables or hot-water tubing on your floor or ceiling that radiate heat into the room connected to aluminum panels.

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