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Carnage Heart - PlayStation


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Rival Schools: United By Fate [Japan Imp...


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Other Life: Azure Dreams [Japan Import]


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Mlb 2005 Game


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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 Game


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Final Fantasy Anthology Game


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Final Fantasy VIII (Ultimate Hits) [Japa...


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SaGa Frontier 2 (Ultimate Hits) [Japan I...


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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edit...


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GB Eye Limited Playstation Classic Badge...


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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


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Goo! Goo! Soundy (Japanese Import Video...


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The Prince Of Tennis: Sweat Tears Plays...


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Final Fantasy VII International (Ultimat...


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Final Fantasy Chronicles Game


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Yuusha 30 [Japan Import]


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Paw Patrol PAW VHC SuperPAW Team Jet UPC...


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Chrono Cross Game


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Bushido Blade (Legendary Hits) [Japan Im...


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Lego Marvels Avengers PS Hits


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Chrono Cross (Ultimate Hits) [Japan Impo...


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R: Rock'n Riders (R) Playstation [Japan...


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Price and Availability

PlayStation has improved over time in the quality of images and games. However, the fact remains that we still play for some, or we think for others, of those good old video games with an image to make cry tears of blood, but we loved so much in our hours spent on this console legendary games like. There is a wide range of PS1 games that are available in Australia. The price of PS1 games is now reduced so you can easily find your favorite games at a reasonable price range. PlayStation games price in Australia ranges from 50 to 250 AUD. Here above, we have enlisted a wide range of PS1 games.


After you talked about the Neo Geo AES and SEGA Dreamcast, it seemed important to look at the PlayStation 1 to Sony. It must be said that this sixth-generation console was the first to meet such commercial and critical success around the world. Many families, who have never used a gamepad before, have discovered the world of video games with the firstborn from Sony.

Sony planned to work on what would become the PlayStation, with the help of a partnership with the champion of the genre: Nintendo. The contract between the two parties provided that the new console could read Super NES cartridges and the new CD-ROM format jointly developed by Philips and Sony. And it was in 1991 that things got tough.

While Sony took advantage of CES in 1991 to announce its PlayStation project, Nintendo fell out slightly with Sony and moved closer to Philips. In fact, in 1992, only 200 prototypes of the first PlayStation saw the light of day. The CEO of Sony America decided that his company would have to wait before fully launching into the world of video games.

A new start

In 1993 Sony started from scratch, said goodbye to game cartridges, and decided that its CD-ROM games would have to use 3D. Besides, Sony's claim is straightforward: to offer the ultimate gaming experience.

Based on the genius of Ken Kuratagi (designer of the Super NES audio chip), the new prototype provides for a chip running at 33Mhz, for the computing power of up to 66 MIPS for the geometric engine and 80 MIPS for the data decompressor. Understand that for the time, the project provides for a total computing power completely exceeding (on paper at least) the other consoles on the market.

Conquering the world

With a release spread over three dates in the three geographical areas Japan (December 3, 1994) - United States (September 9, 1995) - Europe (September 29, 1995), Sony is giving itself the time necessary to purchase a game license. To be developed on its console, but also benefits from a rise in its communication. It was notably during E3 in 1995 that Sony performed the show with its machine by presenting three of the games that significantly contributed to the console legend: WipeOut, Tekken, and Ridge Racer.

With more than 100 million units sold worldwide and the arrival of titles that have left a lasting mark on the world of video games and sometimes even cinema (Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII, Silent Hill, Tomb Raider ), the PlayStation 1 is a real success. It invites itself into all homes, in all countries and does not discriminate against anyone. Video games are gradually moving from their status as a niche leisure activity to that of the general public. Game designers reach star status (Hideo Kojima / Metal Gear Solid, Hajime Tabata / Final Fantasy VII), and the specialized press takes off.

Top 20 best PS1 games

In this article, we have endeavored to group the 20 best PS1 games that marked a before and after. Join us on this trip to the past and remember with us the great titles that the console gave us, and that are still in our hearts today.

1. Tomb Raider II

2. Resident Evil 2

3. Final Fantasy VII

4. Tekken 3

5. Gran Turismo 2

6. Spyro The Dragon

7. Metal Gear Solid

8. Medal of Honor

9. Dino Crisis

10. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

11. Spider-Man

12. Digimon World

13. Crash Bandicoot: Warped

14. Castlevania: Symphony of The Night

15. Silent Hill

16. Final Fantasy IX

17. Twisted Metal 3

18. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

19. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

20. Driver