ProMera sports and the CON-CRET brand are intensely embedded in precise science and commitment to quality that lead both brands to higher success. The parent company of ProMera, VIREO systems (which derives its name from the Latin word "health and vigor"),was created in the culture of pharmaceutical science and forensic toxicology, where the highest standards in formal research and thorough certifications are required. These standards have been the driving force behind our innovation and the Foundation of our reputation as one of the most reliable brands on the market.


Scientists from the University study and testing amino acid conjugations thought to run the company while it took to stand in 2002 and on January 23, 2003, VIREO made an accidental blunder with a batch of acidic catalysts leading to the formation of the molecule that would become CON-CRET.

After this batch error, VIREO identified the molecule as creatine hydrochloride (C-HCl) and began to study its properties. Over the next few years, VIREO's staff has been increasingly impressed by the stability, solubility, and bioavailability of C-HCl. One evening, the founder of VIREO, Mark Faulkner, questioned the originality of C-HCl and thought to compare it to other creatines, this molecule seems very special. It is an especially conjugated creatine. Its characteristics are similar to those of concentrated creatine.

VIREO brand partnered with a distributor to form ProMera and commercialize CON-CRET back in 2007 and when the GNC staff heard Faulkner talk about CON-CRET, he said: "if what you say about this molecule is true, it will revolutionize the creatine category. It will be the future of creatine. "

Ten years and five patents later, VIREO regained full control of ProMera and the brand CON-CRET and CON-CRET remains the future of creatine".


When it comes to unwanted body fat, you need to use burning fats capsules or other burning products to lose it. Adding BURN to your pre-workout routine can give a boost to your metabolism, which will help you burn more calories and turn fat into energy.

BURN uses a unique red pepper extract to bring natural Thermogenic benefits without abdominal discomfort-so you can feel the burn without burning.

Not all whey proteins are created equal. Ranked on a scale of 25 to 80 by the USDA, the differences are significant. WPC-80 contains the highest yield of natural amino acids and macronutrients and contains the lowest amount of carbohydrates, sugar, lipids, and lactose. This is what we put in whey PRO80-100% WPC-80, without adding loads or impurities.

When the fitness experts told us what they wanted in a pre-workout supplement, we listened and then we created women's ELITE to match the Bill.

Enhanced with CON-CRET, this unique formula helps you burn fat and develop lean muscles while increasing your strength, stamina, and recovery. It also provides a boost of caffeine-free energy that we call clean energy. In addition to this, women's ELITE contains vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Where to Buy

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