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The cycling products Prologo are characterised by their design, specifically created for the practice of the sport. The Italian brand has managed to gain a foothold among practitioners and today is one of the best-known saddle and component brands.

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When it comes to cycling, you have to pay special attention to the accessories and items needed for it. The Prologo Australia has been developing saddles for the athlete for years and in most cases, producing these new items with the collaboration of world and elite national athletes, who help them improve the final product with their experience.

Brand Overview

Prologo is an Italian company with headquarter based in Busnago, Milan that produces cycling components and accessories of which the cycling saddles stand out. All products are designed and developed in Italy with Prologo technology and state-of-the-art materials that combine with innovative manufacturing processes. We highlight the Active Density technology patented by the Prologo brand and that is carried by almost all models of the brand that has been created to guarantee user conformed.

Prologo saddles               

Of all the articles of the country of origin brand, we must highlight the Prologo saddles. Since the Prologo brand was founded, saddles have evolved to this day incorporating new materials and manufacturing techniques to offer a higher quality product. One of the main objectives of Prologo with its seats is to achieve the best performance with the lowest weight and always with the aesthetic line that characterises the country of origin brand.

Guideline for Choosing Prologo Saddles

Choosing a Prologo saddle is one of the most personal (and complicated) decisions that everyone faces as cyclists. It is normal not to hit the first one, be it for the shape, the surface on which it is made or simply the size of it.

Each brand has devised systems focused on increasing comfort, alleviating discomfort and reducing weight, technologies that in the case of Prologo saddles have acquired their names that are almost registered trademarks.

Saddle surface Prologo Road and MTB

Depending on the support above the saddle and the need to have a space in the prostate area, you will need one or more of these technologies:

  • CPC

The acronym CPC corresponds to Connect Power Control; this is the name that receives the system of rough and adherent surface that covers some of the Prologo saddles.

It is located in key areas to absorb impacts, maintain the position of the cyclist and ensure grip on the saddle in all weather conditions. The materials come from the military industry and Formula 1, used for high-performance seats and gloves.

  • PAS

The acronym PAS refers to the Perineum Area System. It is merely the way that Prolog has to identify the “antiprostatic” saddles designed to mitigate the discomfort, pain or numbness of the perineal area, which directly affects the prostate.

Depending on the model, the PAS zone will be located later or further back, in line with the position to be taken in the saddle.

  • CPC + PAS

By joining the two previous systems, you get a saddle designed to precisely accommodate our bones, muscles and soft tissues in the most optimal, painless and efficient position for pedalling over long distances.

The shape of the Prologo saddles

Choosing a form of support from one saddle or another will depend mainly on our experience with other seats and the knowledge we have of our support in them. The shape of the Prologo saddles is what determines the name of the model.

  • Flat

Flat refers to the support surface of the saddle concerning your rear.

The Prologo Flat saddles (Zero and T Gale) have a flat surface so that most of the weight will fall on our hamstrings (the hip bones). It may be more comfortable for some and even painful for others, depending on the muscle or tissue surrounding this part of our skeleton.

  • Semi-round

The Semi-Round Prologo saddles are the balance between the flat support described above and around the seat.

This type of design corresponds to the Nago Evo model and distributes the weight evenly between the entire contact areas of our body with the saddle. It is the most common saddle shape in the Prologo range.

  • Round

Prologo round-shaped saddles are specifically designed for road cycling.

The Scratch 2 model is the one that corresponds to this form, forming support much more centred in the central area, ideal for those whose support in the Ischia is annoying.

Seat covers Prologo MTB or road

The choice of one material or another in the housing will determine on the one hand the weight of the assembly and on the other the rigidity or flexibility of the construction, something important when balancing performance and comfort.

  • C3 Carbon Compost Compound

The top housing of Prologo range is composed of 100% carbon mesh. It offers maximum lightness (saddles below 149 grams), in addition to resistance to deformation and stability.

  • Rails of the Prologo saddles

The saddle rails are the union between this and the rest of the bike; this makes them an essential piece when cushioning imperfections of the terrain and making the ride more comfortable, they also have an indispensable role in the sum of the total weight.

  • Dimension Nack

Nano-carbon, carbon, Kevlar and aluminium fibres in the connection area with the seat post clamp. It is a combination that combines lightness, strength, measured flexibility, and unmatched stability and strength.

  • Dimension Tirox

Rails of a light alloy of tensile and torsion-resistant steel that is used in the aerospace industry, Keep a balance between weight and durability.

Which seat do you stay with?

The decision when buying a Prologo saddle online will be based on your needs, if you are one of those who continually moves on top of the seat you may be interested in one that incorporates CPC technology to retain your position, just as if you suffer from numbness or pain in the perineum area we advise you to try one with PAS system.

Regarding the form, as we have pointed out, it will depend a lot on your previous experiences; analyse those saddles that you have used in the past to determine which form is best suited to your anatomy.

Finally, the decision regarding materials is simple. If you want lightness, you will have to pay an extra, and if this is not a concern, with a low-intermediate range, you will be able to enjoy the same way.

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