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A projector comes into action in almost any meeting as well as in presentations in the office. Hence, it’s a bit important to take good care of these products so that they can perform for years to come without any damage. Without a doubt, projectors are considered the most advanced technology to provide you with ease in your life. However, one of the major parts of any projector that gets damaged with ease is none other than its lamp. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that projector lamps are quite precious – therefore, they need extra care.

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In order for the projector to be able to display the image on the screen, it has to have a working light or lamp. Today, you can find a huge assortment of Projector Lamps in Australia – but picking the ideal one might be difficult for those who are just getting started. That’s why, here on this page, we have compiled some vital recommendations for choosing the best projector lamp for your needs.

Compatible or Original Lamp?

It’s important to remember that compatible lamps always cost significantly less as compared to original projector lamps. If you choose to go for the original one, it means you’re going to buy an entire unit that includes the bulb, the housing, and other accessories from a manufacturer.

However, if you get your hands on a compatible lamp, it indicates that the bulb was originally manufactured whereas the housing is a compatible part. Whenever you look to get a new one for your needs, you will find a massive variety of Cheap Projector Lamps in Australia here on this page, both original and compatible.

How Long Can a Projector Lamp Work?

The lamp life of a projector bulb is similar to that of a light bulb that you would use for another reason. An hourly rate is used to describe this value - it is usually approximately 2500 hours. If you operate the projector in its eco-mode setting, you may expect a bulb life of 6000 hours or more. Since these lamps do not burn out, but rather fade over time, total lamp life is not a particularly meaningful measurement.

How to Improve the Lifespan of a Lamp?

Keep the projector from overheating. Excessive heat is the leading cause of light failure. Different manufacturers send user manuals when buying Projector Lamps Online in Australia to guide users to a proper cool-down period. The projector should be used in a dust-free area. If a projector air filter is installed, clean it frequently. Use the "economy mode" whenever feasible, if it is offered on your projector. The light output stated by your projector will fall by around 15-25% while the lamp life will rise by approximately 25-35%.

Projector Lamps Price

They are relatively expensive as, on average, Projector Lamps Prices in Australia range from AUD 80 to AUD 150 for low lumen units, and high lumen units cost around AUD 399. For a variety of reasons, the price of a certain item is all the same. Highly advanced projector lamps generate incredible brightness and the assembling procedure is also very complex.

Ahead of buying, it is vital that you know the price so that you can determine if it fits into your range. It is important to plan your budget in advance so that you can get the greatest projector lamp that you like. Check to see if it falls within your budget range so that you can still save at the end.