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The Australian market is indeed loaded with a handsome range of Projector Lamps in Australia. A projector lamp is actually made of a bulb in a module, which is, without a doubt, the latest piece of technology – developed many decades back – offering the highest contrast, brightness, and ready to last for the years to come. As of now, there are only 7 companies throughout the world – producing bulbs, and the major one is “Philips.” These companies, after manufacturing the bulbs, send them to the projector manufacturers such as Epson, BenQ, Sony, and others who put these bulbs in the module to create a genuine projector lamp.

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Well, if you think a Projector Lamp Price in Australia is comparable to a normal 60-watt lightbulb, then think twice as projector lamps are significantly expensive and normally range in between AU$80-400 – from low lumen projectors to high lumen projectors. However, an average projector lamp can cost you around AU$150.

The price of a projector lamp is what it is, and there are a number of good reasons. Projector lamps are advanced technology tools, creating tremendous brightness. Moreover, a method of assembly is quite difficult. It’s a bold move to buy a spare bulb when buying a projector lamp. In the event of an emergency, you can have a backup and, most importantly, will get a great discount on the light when you purchase a projector lamp.

Tips to Increase Projector Lamp’s Life

A projector lamp’s life entirely depends on a variety of variables, such as installation, hot air exhaust, cool air intake, maintenance, and consumption. Accumulation of heat can decrease the lamp life and harm your entire projector system. Here are several ideas for the lengthy life of projector lamps.

  • Don’t unplug right after switching off your projector and wait up to 5 minutes for its fan to cool the entire unit.
  • Don’t obstruct air intake or exhaust ventilation. The paper shouldn’t be placed above or where vents are located on a projector.
  • Keep maintaining the exhaust vent from any item at least two meters distance.
  • The minimum distance requirement specified in the owner’s manual must be preserved if the projector is installed into a compartment, wall, ceiling, or placed within a shield.
  • Clean an air intake filter on the basis of your operating environment every three to six months – or more regularly.
  • Don’t change your projector until a lamp has cooled (around 5 minutes).
  • Run your projector for two weeks, or at least 20 hours after buying. If the lamp fails, it typically takes place within the first 10 hours. Usually, lamp guarantees last just 90-180 days from the date of buying – instead of the first installation.
  • Remove the original lamp and use the old lamp as your substitute lamp for your projector when buying it. Test the original lamp for two weeks or 20 days before removing and store it as a replacement if your projector is new.

Where to Buy for Less?

Buying anything online via a wide number of promotions, deals and discounts isn’t the only way to get your hands on the cheapest product. Paylessdeal, in Australia, is one of the leading online price comparison engines, offering Aussies a comprehensive and thorough price comparison feature, covering a plethora of projector lamps. For instance, hundreds of projector lamps are listed here from different online retailers and stores, including Amazon. We have mentioned above a beautiful range of stores in Australia for your convenience to compare Projector Lamps Prices and buy one at unparalleled rates. We shouldn’t forget that you won’t be able to save a lot only, but also, smart online price comparison will make your buying quicker and simpler. So, what’s the wait?