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A projection screen is actually a bigger reflective surface, normally white in colour, and hung on a wall in front of a projector for entertainment, education, training, or other purposes. Projection screens, as compared to the bare wall, are very much affordable and result in bright images or videos.

Types of Projection Screens

Obviously, you’ll need to choose a projector screen that actually suits your specific needs. There are two different types of projection screens available in Australia, and here is a brief description of both of them.

  • Manual Projector Screens

Manual projector screens, as compared to electric projector screens, are smaller and cheaper. These screens are relatively easy to install and use – very much like a regular window shade in service. The manual projection screens extend and operate manually instead of switching or remote control, by simply pulling a screen down or up by hand. The detach the screen, all you need to do is to pull the handle down and release the rolling mechanism to raise the screen in the case.

Manual projector screens are typically a smaller solution as compared to electrical, built for easy installation, and are cheaper to work with. A "managed screen return" or CSR is particularly suitable for many manual projector screens. This function prevents the screen from retracting too fast into its case and prevents damage to the screen or the roller mechanism.

In addition, manual screens are often available in a tensioned surface board, such as electrical screens, or with a covered ceiling housing. Recessed screst manual screens generally have a hand crank mechanism to lower the screen instead of bringing it down method, as the case hides the screen in the ceiling.

  • Electric Projector Screens

When it comes to electric projection screens, these are mostly ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or ceiling recessed. It comes with an electric motor that raises and lowers a screen through remote control or wall switch to operate it. Most of the electric screens have a simple plug-and-play design, whereas others need comprehensive installation and, most probably, an electrician.

Electrical projection screens tend to expand, making them more appropriate for classrooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, and home theatres. They have a great screen weight as compared to manual screens - thanks to their motor-driven operation. The motor operation of an electric screen offers the user a sleek, contemporary, and versatile projection device without impeding the decoration or usefulness of a room.

There are two types of surfaces available in electrical screens - tensioned or non-tensioned. The basic screen surface that hangs freely from the cabinet support structure is non-tensioned, whereas tensioned screen surfaces have more smooth, continuous stretching of the screen surface - hence, reducing a chance of imperfection. Normally, tensioned screens are perceived as top performers, improving solution and light reflectivity by using a cable and a tab system on the electric screen.

Shop Projection Screens for Less

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