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Probiotics Nutritional Supplements Australia is microorganisms selected for their beneficial action on the body. Taken regularly, they enrich and balance the intestinal flora and help improve disorders of the digestive sphere. Thanks to their protective action, they can help you strengthen your natural defences, regardless of your age.

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Health-promoting bacteria

The intestine is populated with 100,000 billion beneficial bacteria, called microbiota or intestinal flora. The key role of the microbiota is to break down food, produce vitamins K, B8 and B12 and build up the immune system.

Specific to each, it is formed in the mother's womb, then during infancy and evolves throughout life. It is now considered an organ in its own right and hosts 80% of the cells of the immune system. Many parameters such as excessive hygiene, age, smoking or treatment with antibiotics can disturb the functioning of the microbiota and partially destroy it.

Living microorganisms that makeup probiotics then prove to be a precious help to reconstitute the microbiota and maintain a rich, balanced and diversified intestinal flora.

The natural probiotics are present in foods such as yoghurt, unpasteurized cheese, sauerkraut, pickles, sourdough bread or beer yeast active. If a varied diet is sufficient to cover the needs of healthy people, food supplements are beneficial in the event of significant fatigue, stress or as part of a diet.

Each probiotic has its benefit

To benefit from the name "probiotic", microorganisms must have demonstrated their health benefits and be sufficiently resistant and numerous to have time to act in the body. Probiotics belong to a large family made up of a multitude of species, themselves from several strains including lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and cockles. Their benefits vary from one strain to another and from one person to another. Sometimes it is even a combination of several strains that will be most effective. Some probiotics act as treatment, others as prevention. To know which probiotic to choose,

Facilitate lactose digestion

Lactobacillus bulgaricus, used in yoghurts, improves the digestion of lactose and helps to reduce the risks of intolerance.

Strengthen your immune system

Bifidobacteria have been proven to improve the intestinal comfort of the elderly in particular. But they are also champions of immunity because they strengthen the protective function of the intestinal mucosa by fighting against harmful bacteria. They are therefore particularly recommended for newborns or seniors.

Relieve digestive disorders

Certain strains such as lactobacilli promote digestion, reduce bloating, prevent and reduce infectious diarrhoea from gastroenteritis or those linked to antibiotic treatment, reduce pain in irritable bowel syndromes. Probiotics also relieve chronic bowel disease and help decrease the frequency of inflammation in pouchitis and Crohn's disease.

In preventive treatment at the arrival of winter

Probiotics help protect against winter infections, such as colds and the flu. They help reduce their symptoms and their duration.

Improving the quality of life of allergy sufferers

Studies have shown that allergic children also suffer from a disturbance in their intestinal flora. The children's probiotics have reduced the risk of allergic rhinitis by activating the anti-allergen antibodies. This is also the case for eczema which could be alleviated thanks to lactic acid bacteria.

Help with weight loss?

In some obese, the intestinal flora has been identified as deficient. However, a good intestinal flora contributes to the efficient absorption of nutrients, triggering the feeling of satiety. For people wishing to lose weight, probiotics sometimes seem to be the precious allies of a balanced diet, without the risk of deficiency.

Protect yourself from inflammatory diseases

Diabetes and excess cholesterol, for example, are imbalances linked to permanent inflammation of the cells. An excellent intestinal flora helps limit these inflammations and thus better protect the body against these diseases.

Choose your probiotics carefully.

To be beneficial, food supplements must contain a huge number of bacteria. Indeed, they must arrive alive and numerous in the intestinal flora. It is therefore recommended to favour products packaged in enteric-coated capsules. They are designed to survive passage through the stomach and dissolve only in the intestines. They should be swallowed on an empty stomach in the morning upon rising. A single capsule a day is enough; the combination of at least three high-concentration probiotic strains, at least 10 billion bacteria, considerably improves their effectiveness. Specialists advise treatments lasting at least four weeks, and for organic users, organic probiotics.

A valuable ally of the intestinal flora, probiotics can be consumed at any age. There is no contraindication for their absorption as a food supplement. But know that they will be ineffective in the face of an unhealthy lifestyle. So take care of your diet and eat a variety!

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