Originally founded back in 1985 but it’s been around 30 years since Pro Tan in Australia has become a leading brand with Competition Tanning products. The company started its journey with Original Muscle Up Professional Posing oil for both men and women and a handsome number of other skincare products, especially for bodybuilder athletes.

However, with the invention of the Pro Tan Instant Competition Colour, everything changed in 1987. So far, Pro Tan has participated successfully in more than 1000 bodybuilding shows – hence, it has become the most trustworthy and reliable brand not only in Australia but other parts of the world as well.

The natural-looking tan and the most reliable products are delivered from Pro Tan Store in Australia for Fitness Athletes, Bodybuilders, Bikini Models, and others. The trust of people on Pro Tan actually allows the company to keep making high-quality skincare and tanning formulas.

Not only Pro Tan shines due to its marvellously made products but with a hassle-free shopping experience through its secure and innovative shopping environment as well. Interestingly, a list of products available at their official store is amazingly large, and the coolest thing about Pro Tan is their 24/7 availability to provide the maximum convenience to their customers.

Pro Tan Products

They are offering a beautiful and unique range of products at the eye-catching price when it comes to buying through their Pro Tan Sale. You can choose either Hair Remover, Sunless Tanning Lotion, Pre-Tan Scrub, Sunless Tan Remover, and more. Listed below are some of the best Pro Tan products to look at:

It’s a compulsory option if you want to customise Pro Tan’s sunless tanning formulas. It’s designed to improve the absorption of Pro Tan self-tanning formulations to provide the best possible results. Smooth skin exfoliations that allow sunless tanning. Formulated with the finest of natural exfoliators and plant extracts as well as vitamins. The formula is also suitable for skin purification before and after tanning.

Let’s face it, no matter how good your body looks, without removing the unnecessary body hair, you cannot reveal it properly. Shaving will leave the burning stubble and raspberry, but you can make your skin smooth with Hair Away. Take off your hair in a matter of minutes with the new fragrance of Mango Lime. And it lets you stay away from hairs until 3 weeks.

After only one simple application, the ultimate competition tanning formula guarantees a rich, dark, long-lasting tan. The great thing is that after 5-7 days, the tan will not fade and will look like a natural tan. This particular formula doesn’t interfere with the tanning of natural or sunbeds or includes a sunscreen. Over 28 years, gym athletes around the world have trusted this product.

Would you like making your colleagues or co-workers believe you have a weekend holiday? Do you like to spend a day and out with a good glow? Then have a look at Sunny Day sunless tanning lotion. In addition to advanced skincare ingredients, Vitamin A, and E along with Green Tea and Kola extracts for good skin, this Golden Glow Gradual self-tanner provides extra amounts of the unique self-timbering complex. Unlike other lotions, it doesn’t dry in minutes.

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