Premier Nutrition is obsessed with bringing all of its passion and work into all its activities. It is Good Energy, they call it. You might know better, however, that this is "all in." So employees at Premier Nutrition grow in an environment in which everyone is inspired, valued and given the opportunity to change.
The Premier Nutrition Corporation (PNC),under its brands named Premier Protein, PowerBar, Supreme Protein and the Joint Juice distributes nutritional food products into a health-conscious consumer base. PNC treats employees with positivity and empathy with its "People First" culture and embraces new and new ideas that stimulate passion, personal growth and a healthy dose of office fun. For instance, to take dogs to work, company-wide days as volunteers, philanthropy and sustainability programs, massages in-house. They also believe in meeting their own personal requirements of Good Energy with workouts and coaching lessons in the office gym, recharging with yoga and holding walking meetings.

How about working here? Imagine a startup's disappointing culture, the resources, and systems of a respected consumer brand under the umbrella of Post Holdings and a technology company's new innovation, and you get a feel for what PNC is doing. Every Monday morning you go to the office and start your day with a protein boost. There are a hundred of your fellow colleagues (and their pups) sitting on sofas, steps, excess pillows, the floor and chairs — if that's your jam — talking and learning more about each other throughout the weeks. Perhaps somebody will even have a delicious new smoothie recipe to share.

Their Community

Their community is not confined to its customers and employees only. They live and work in the areas as well. That is why they share their good energy with those in need by donating products and partnering with community organizations who dedicate their time and resources. This is only their little way to repay.

Premier Nutrition Brands

Premier Nutrition is working as a team that every step of the way encourages its customers. Maybe the PowerBar gives you the power for your next rotational class or it's the Premier Protein shake that helps you start your day on your right foot – today's athletes and consumers who want better nutritional choices in their own lives are counting on the good foods they need for delicious delicacies.

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