The history and impact of the Prada began many years ago. For more than a century, the Prada family has a strong position in the fashion world. In 1913, founder Mario Prada opened Prada's first store on the streets of Milan to provide ready-to-use leather goods for higher-income families.

Miuccia Prada took control of the family business when the company began to transform. The creativity and intuition applied resulted in the success of the prestigious Prada brand, which we all know today. Till that day to now, Prada Sunglasses in Australia are much popular and wears by many celebrities.

Prada Sunglasses for Men and Women

Prada sunglasses are famous for their relationship with art and creative influences. Miuccia is inspired by the Prada sunglass line of other well-known Prada products. For example, the latest Prada sunglasses for both men and woman comes with the newest design having various designs and ornaments, which has been inspired by projects of the most beloved Prada creations.

Loved by Celebrities

When it comes to celebrity preferences, Prada takes the lead on other sunglasses brands. Minimal Baroque sunglasses are among the most popular and renowned fashionistas. Celebrities like Olsen, Beyonce and Rihanna wears a pair of Prada sunglasses during their concerts. Michael Phelps was also often wearing Prada Sunglasses in various events.

Various Stylish Shapes

Since Prada's artistic styles are often restrained and sophisticated, the more complicated geometric shapes fit perfectly. Prada is experimenting with the Pentagon, hexagonal, octagon and other different geometric shapes. It often softens angles and edges, eliminating sharp corners of the style, which for most other brands, is defined by sharp angles.

The result is a series of geometric shapes that seem avant-garde and utterly independent of many other great eyewear designers. Another recent introduction is the sunglasses with the geometric shape of Prada. A creative approach to the modern trend. Prada has attracted the attention of many fashion elites thanks to these new designs.

Film sunglasses are a great example of this new look thanks to the triangular frames in the shape of cat eyes and a golden mountain stripe and bridge. These shapes are not only loved by the women but also by men as Prada made sunglasses for both men and women, which is known as unisex sunglasses.

Prada Sun Glasses Prices

Talking about the price of these Prada sunglasses, definitely, you have to pay a high price to wear such a beautiful masterpiece having tremendous style and design packed with various ornaments. The lowest price of Prada sunglasses in Australia is 100 AUD, and for the highest price, it will be 700 AUD. The price depends on the models of Prada Sunglasses.


Are you planning to purchase sunglasses? Then why not to buy sunglasses of high quality and have worth. Prada Sunglasses are one of the most famous brands in the Sunglasses market as they offer you the best quality eyewear’s for both men and women.