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The Australian market is loaded with a handsome number of heart rate monitors, fitness trackers and other smart devices – offered by well-recognised and highly admirable brands in the world. The things, however, become entirely different when it comes to Polar in Australia – thanks to its technological and innovative fitness trackers, heart rate monitors and other devices. The company believes that it’s one thing to listen to your body whereas to understand what it says is completely a different story. Polar with its mind-boggling smart devices enable you to get into the shape of your training. They have combined their experience with a strong understanding of their customers’ needs in electronics, sports and psychology.

Since their inception – 1977, Polar has been offering its customers a comprehensive product range which includes a wide range of fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, accessories and much more. They have everything at their official online Polar Store from better athletic success by an athlete in order to encourage people to behave in a healthy way to help people rehabilitate their weight.

Besides, Polar always strive hard to provide their customers with the finest products and has maintained the highest standards of quality in every offered product. They also ensure the deliverance of the best quality products with the highest efficiency and best services.

Product Categories

  • Cycling
  • Multisport & Triathlon
  • Heart Rate Sensors
  • Running
  • Fitness & Cross-Training
  • Apps & Services
  • Group Solutions
  • Accessories & more


The availability of Polar Sale and promotions help you get your desired smart device or accessories from their official store without having to spend a fortune. They have dedicated themselves to offering their customers technology-enriched and innovative products alongside a fun online shopping experience. Some of the best products are as follow:

  • Polar H9 Heart Rate Sensor

Polar H9 meets all your needs if you are searching for a comfortable, high-quality chest strap. Technologies such as Bluetooth and ANT+ allow you to connect to any app or device you like. You just have to get linked and get started.

  • Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor

Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the best alternative in terms of accuracy and connectivity. Track your heart rate with the highest precision and link your heart rate to a wide range of Bluetooth and ANT+ trainer apps. Polar H10 is more reliable and adaptable than ever before for heart rate monitoring.

  • Polar OH1 - Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Polar OH1 is a heart rate optical sensor mixing flexibility, comfort and usability. Thanks to the Bluetooth and ANT+ networking, you can use it as a standalone tool and combine it with many fitness devices, sports watches and smartwatches. The product package Polar OH1 + includes a swimming glass brace clip for simple use in the swimming pool.

  • Polar Unite Tracker

Polar Unite is an innovative bracelet exercise clock with a waterproof heart rate and GPS. This well-rounded, ultra-light fitness tracker helps you to sleep better, train more intelligently and find balance in your life.

  • Polar Vantage M Watch

Challenge your limits by Polar Vantage M, an all-round GPS watch for those who are fond of record-setting. This slender and lightweight trainer offers all the data you need to boost your results.

  • Polar Ignite Fitness Watch

Polar Ignite has an advanced handle-based heart rate and a built-in GPS, water-proof exercise app. This workout partner of the new generation helps you to develop your true potential and push the right path. Polar Ignite gives you a full image of your day and a path to a more sustainable life.

  • Polar Vantage V Fitness Watch

Train more intelligently and discover the winner with Polar Vantage V, a premium multisport watch for pro sports people and anyone who trains as a pro. If you're looking for a high-quality waterproof companion for triathlon or marathon trainings with very long battery life, Polar Vantage V is the ideal match.

  • Polar Grit X Fitness Watch

The Polar Grit X Outdoor Multisport Watch incorporates sturdy and reliable but lightweight materials, outstanding fitness and Polar Flow's ultimate fitness platform with uncompromising results. In addition to Polar Grit X, Polar's GPS, compass and altimeter are included in training mode and the exclusive smart coaching apps ensure that your future adventures are ready.

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