Polar A370 Fitness Activity Trackers

4/5 $53 - $409
  • Brand: Polar
  • Model A370
  • Operating System: Proprietary OS
  • Display Type: TFT
  • Battery: 110mAH
  • Battery Time: up to 3 days
  • Weight: 31.7 grams
  • Waterproof: WR30
  • Colours: Black, White, Pink, Violet: Red, and Grey

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Polar A370 Activity Tracker with Continuous Heart Rate, White, Small


Polar A370 Activity Tracker with Continuous Heart Rate, Black, MediumLarge


kwmobile Silicone Watch Strap Compatible with Polar A360 A370 - Fitness Tracker Band with Clasp - White


Polar A370 Fitness Tracker, Unisex-Adult, Ruby, Small


kwmobile Silicone Watch Strap for Polar A360 A370 - Fitness Tracker Band - Sports Wristband Bracelet with Clasp


Polar A370 Australia is the successor of Polar A360. On the A370, you can see very well how Polar is evolving and is catching up to the fitness bracelet competition such as Fitbit or Garmin. Because for the first time, the new features of Polar Trackers include a dynamic 24/7 pulse measurement on the wrist and a more detailed breakdown of the sleep phases including feedback, called Sleep Plus.

Price and Availability

The Polar A370 is also a great example of how smaller wearables can move closer to more advanced sports watches. In addition to pulse measurement on the wrist, the A370 also has the option of tracking entire running programs, including a calendar function. This impressive feature is not a matter of course for a tracker. By the way, it is designed so that you can wear it all day, all night or in the shower. Polar A370 price in Australia ranges from 200 to 300 AUD.


The A370 fitness bracelet is not only suitable for people who want to make their everyday life more active, but also for people who are enthusiastic about sports and fitness. Because it supports several sports profiles that help, for example, measure more precise fitness values.

Furthermore, the Polar A370 is waterproof, has a sporty and light design and offers some of Polar's accessible smart coaching functions that support during training. This mainly includes running programs that can be followed over several weeks, and that can be prepared for a half marathon.

The design doesn't exactly knock your socks off, but it doesn't have to hide either. Maybe you don't correctly choose the orange version, but well, if you want to stand out, please. In general, the A370 is well made. This applies to the housing, including the display and buttons as well as the silicone bracelet.

The silicone bracelet makes an enjoyable impression because it is soft and cuddly. Newly added there is a barely visible corrugation on the surface, which ensures that hardly annoying lint of clothing remains on the bracelet. Competition likes to look different. The wearing comfort is outstanding even over several days.

The Polar A370 has a total of 1 button and a touch display with a swipe gesture function. The display, which is deactivated in idle mode, is a highlight overall because it runs colourfully with its excellent legibility from the competition. It can be activated using typical hand movements, the display itself or the button.

It is a great help not only in everyday life but also during training. However, a touch display can sometimes lead to incorrect operation if your fingers are sweaty during sports, so wipe your fingers well beforehand.