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Founded back in 2007, PlusOptic has been manufacturing world’s best in class optical communication worldwide including Australia and New Zealand. With more than 12 years of existence and experience, PlusOptic in Australia and other countries have become a first and foremost supplier of optical communication equipment for quite a few world’s well-recognised companies. Moreover, PlusOptic has also built a reputation for delivering state-of-the-art and industry-leading products with the speed of light without compromising on quality.

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PlusOptic Categories

  • Transceivers
  • Multiplexers
  • DAC cables
  • Fiber Cables

PlusOptic Products

PlusOptic is a specialist in fiber optical communication, and their continuous production of products ensures that they are at the forefront and leading the chart of this field. They have also focused on providing a range of innovative products in the field of fiber optics which can deliver the same OEM product quality as Cisco, Juniper and HP while simultaneously providing substantial cost savings. The major products of PlusOptic include:

  • 100MB SFP NIC Cards
  • 1GB RJ45 NIC Cards
  • 10GB RJ45 NIC Cards
  • 10GB SFP+ NIC Cards
  • 1GB SFP NIC Cards
  • 25GB SFP28 NIC Cards
  • 1GB SC NIC Cards
  • 40GB QSFP+ NIC Cards
  • Fiber Cables
  • OS1- Singlemode Duplex Cables
  • OM1-Multimode Duplex Cables
  • OM3-Multimode Duplex Cables
  • OM4-Multimode Duplex Cables
  • MPO-OS2 Singlemode
  • MPO-OM4 Multimode

PlusOptic is proud to offer all its products industry-leading times. Most of the PlusOptic products are available in bulk and can be delivered the same day or overnight if the time limit for delivery to the customer is between three and four days.

Most interestingly, PlusOptic promises a standard 3-year product replacement warranty that actually makes PlusOptic stand out from the competition. One can, however, buy extended 5-year warranty too alongside maintenance contracts. One with High Availability Configurations is encouraged to contact PlusOptic Premier Partner to get the advantage of other different options.


PlusOptic guarantees 100% products compatibility for a plethora of vendors like Juniper, Linksys, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Fujitsu, H3C, HP, HP ProCurve, Avago, Avaya, Cisco and others. So, if correctly ordered your desired product is still not compatible with your hardware and doesn’t work flawlessly, PlusOptic will give you a no-objection refund.

High-Quality Products

Since the beginning, PlusOptic has been focused mainly on producing high-quality products. PlusOptic production areas are ISO 9001 certified, and their products are produced in compliance with the strict guidelines of the industry. PlusOptic services are leading in the industry with state-of-the-art dust-free production facilities, rigorous testing and comprehensive QA procedures. PlusOptic plants have R&D departments with large teams of high-skilled engineers using a variety of OEM equipment to test the competency and reliability of all PlusOptic products.

In the production of their product, PlusOptic uses only the highest quality element. For the longevity of a product, it is important to use the finest of components such as lasers and electric boards in fiber optical communication products. Unlike many of PlusOptic rivals, PlusOptic will never skimp on the value of components in their goods to save money on production costs. They recognise that their integrity and potential well-being depend on the quality of the products that we make.

How to Save at PlusOptic?

The company promises the largest selection of products at the best prices online. At PlusOptic, you can buy products from the many varieties of different categories, and by using PlusOptic coupons or vouchers, you can save as much as you can on buying their products. PlusOptic also offers Aussies a handsome number of deals for the convenience and their deals include percent off, dollar off and free shipping, etc.

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