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Elegant, flattering or seductive. Pleaser Pink Label in Australia seeks to offer the best option when wearing the feet in large female sizes for a number of reasons, be it normal physical needs or for femininity or displaying.

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The Pink Label has about 230 tempting options - modest or bold - of shoes and boots, designed and created for transgender female artists and cross-designers, drag queens, woman impersonators, variety show performers or anybody with a foot size up to women's sixteen.

This diverse collection ranging from cozy flats and low-heeled classic pumps to coarse wedges and glitzy sky-high platform boots will certainly raise your confidence by displaying your dream, acting out your real self or filling your inner imagination.

They have designed and manufactured for those with a need for bigger women shoes at their official Pleaser Pink Label Store in Australia. They also freely follow conventional acceptability and accommodation principles. With numerous classics and extreme designs, this diverse range of footwear features a large size and width, which allow the wearer to be confident with themselves and their spirit.


Aussies can benefit from the Pleaser Pink Label Sale or Clearance section to shop at affordable rates for their desired products. It has the most comprehensive range of shoes, flats, sandals and more in its official Australian store. Some of the best Pleaser Pink Label products are as follow: Two of the best goods are:

  • Pleaser GWEN 01
  • Pleaser FEFE 01
  • Pleaser ANNA 01
  • Pleaser Chloe 01
  • Pleaser Chloe 02
  • Pleaser Chloe 11
  • Pleaser Divine 1020
  • Pleaser Divine 2018
  • Pleaser Dream 1020
  • Pleaser Dream 2030
  • Pleaser Eve 01
  • Pleaser Eve 102
  • Pleaser Eve 106
  • Pleaser Eve 312
  • Pleaser Fab 1005
  • Pleaser Fab 2023
  • Pleaser Fab 420
  • Pleaser Fabulous 3035
  • Pleaser Jenna 01
  • Pleaser Jenna 02
  • Pleaser Kimberly 01SP
  • Pleaser Kitten 03
  • Pleaser Pink Label Catalog

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