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Performix Australia is known for its fantastic rubber coating material products imported from America. One of the most impressive features of brands product is its unlimited usage. Performix Plasti Dip is generally used for low-cost replacement of worn and deformed surfaces. Another purpose of the use is the color change.

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With this product, you can turn your white car into red or black within a few hours without any help. After a year, you can disassemble it and cover it with a brand-new color. In this regard, we have a wide range of color cards, which are divided into two main groups: phosphor and solid colors.

Price and Availability

These products are easy to use as they don't need any extra materials to use. It is entirely user friendly. You can easily use it in every field and equipment you can think of. It is resistant to temperatures between -34 degrees and +150 degrees. It is resistant to friction, salt, acid, and essential substances.

You can use it in all interior and exterior parts of your car. It does not damage the bottom surface. Performix products price in Australia ranges from 20 to 200 AUD. Here above, we have mentioned a few stores where you can buy any of the brand product.

It is ideal for the application for coating and covering.

Plastic Dip Car Wrapping, Rim Wrapping, Complete Car Wrapping, For protection and coating for body parts, emblems, trims, floor mats, center consoles, steering wheel, fender, rugs, manifold, engine protection cover and all other components you can think of "protection, the coating used for repair, renovation and insulation purposes.

Wooden objects, carpets, shower cabinets, tarpaulins, roof insulation materials, garden pools, kitchen utensils, furniture, your computer, your mobile phone, coffee table, and chair legs, door handles, water tanks, armatures, door surfaces, TV stand and any other you can think of. It can be used on all surfaces.

It protects against corrosion, provides non-slip for containers, hand tools, and gloves, isolates cracks and seams. Batteries protect, seal, and cover materials such as electronic circuit boards. It can be used for anti-slip purposes on sports equipment, rackets, and other similar training equipment. Bicycle protects, repairs, or renews motorcycle seats.