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Metro Exodus - PC

$ 24.20

Rage 2 - PC

$ 2.95

FlightGear Flight Simulator 20...

$ 29.99

The Evil Within 2- PC

$ 24.99

The Evil Within

$ 24.95

Baoblaze 5 Pieces 3D Controlle...

$ 12.99

Sid Meier's: Civilization VI f...

$ 43.35

Fear 2: Project Origin - PC

$ 19.00


$ 7.29

Lego Lord of The Rings - PC

$ 8.74

Prettyia 1xUSB Charging Port C...

$ 9.98

X-Plane 10 Regional North Amer...

$ 125.66

Aerosoft X-Plane 11 and Airpor...

$ 75.50

Microsoft Flight Simulator 202...

$ 113.45

Time Management Collections 5...

$ 19.95

500-Piece Puzzle in Plastic Re...

$ 44.16

Blitzway - Inspector Gadget -...

$ 120.12

Looney Labs Star Trek Voyager...

$ 32.94

Company of Heroes 2: All Out W...

$ 63.30

Friends Apartment 1000 Pc Jigs...

$ 46.60

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckonin...

$ 199.95

Trolls de Troy : La Cit de la...

$ 20.11

J.Dredd Vs J.Death - FR

$ 78.92


$ 70.95

MORROWIND - FR Full franais

$ 85.74

Through The Darkest Of Times (...

$ 31.70

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts...

$ 47.99

Battlefield 2042- Windows PC

$ 9.00

The Medium PC DVD

$ 59.76

Tales Of Arise Collector's Edi...

$ 425.44

Modiphius Entertainment Elder...

$ 56.40

Marvel's Guardians of the Gala...

$ 86.38

Gamers from all over the world are always competing and dividing into Console and PC. Despite such opposition, computer PC Games remain very popular and are actively distributed in various ways.  PC Games are still far superior in terms of pure power. Especially since gamers are rather heavy-handed when they choose their components. But unfortunately, the graphics rendering and quality of a video game are not just defined by gigahertz numbers.

The video game market changed a lot in 2018. We've had virtually a generational change of consoles with the new setups that are the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, as well as the triumphant and relatively unexpected arrival of the Switch. As for PC Gamers, they are more and more compact and intuitive to build. There is a wide range of PC games in Australia are available online and on physical stores.

How to choose and buy a PC game in our store?

If you decide to purchase a CD with the entertainment of interest, then the online store will be the best option. You no longer need to ask questions about where in Australia you can buy a licensed game on a computer, but you should pay attention to some of the features of such products. PC Games price in Australia usually starts from 15 AUD. The price range usually depends upon the type of games. Here above we have enlisted some of the best stores from where you can buy PC games in Australia.

Computer PC games are sold in several editions: standard, collector's, limited or exclusive. In most cases, the editions differ in what is included in the set. For example, a complete version of a game on PC may contain not only a disc but also themed figurines, brochures, books, posters or additional gadgets - an excellent bonus for every fan. CD publishers usually label the packaging with age restrictions. Some copies are suitable for all ages, others, especially when it comes to bloody shooters, only for adults.

If you are not strong in English, but buy a PC game with only such localization, then you risk not understanding the gameplay and not understanding the plot. The online store tries to offer each customer options for licensed gaming entertainment in various languages.

A keyboard with a mouse, a joystick or a steering wheel with pedals for racing simulators can act as a piece of accompanying equipment for a toy on a PC. The experience of playing a keyboard or joystick on a computer (PC) is different, requiring some time to get used to the new hardware.

Boxed and digital PC games - how to choose? Which is better?

Boxed PC games are still top-rated. In many cases it is a matter of sentiment - the box is a lovely keepsake for a collection - and sometimes it could be because the boxed versions are indeed collector's editions. The boxed version of the game is also a great gift because PC games are a game loved by millions, which has already become a permanent feature of pop culture icons.

Digital PC games are a more modern type of product. The game does not have a physical medium, it is purchased online, and the product can be downloaded just a few moments after purchase, which is an extremely convenient solution. The lack of a box also means the absence of items that unnecessarily take up space on the shelf. Many cool PC games are only available in the digital edition. This is often due to certain financial constraints of game producers.

Factors to consider before buying PC Games

The choice of a PC game depends only on the player's preferences, the wealth of the wallet (some productions, right after their premiere, cost a lot) and the computer that the buyer has. To choose a PC game, you should consider:

Whether the computer in use meets the hardware requirements for the selected product is a critical issue that cannot be ignored if we want to avoid disappointment when trying to launch the game. Even if we do not have the most modern gaming equipment, it does not mean that new productions should be avoided immediately.

It's a good idea to read the minimum requirements, as the game might run decently on lower graphics settings. After all, a lot of games have appeared recently available for a weak PC. This is a great merit of players who love small independent productions.

Game genre:

This is another crucial consideration when choosing PC games. Both box and digital games are broken down into many categories. They include action, strategy, simulation, adventure, RPG, arcade, FPS, racing and many other genres.

PEGI classification:

When we choose a game for ourselves, we ignore this type of warning. Still, if we buy a game for a child, it is worth looking at the PEGI classification and not choosing productions marked as violent and inappropriate for children. Their number is large, but the producers do not forget about the youngest.

The number of players:

When we want to buy a game that allows you to play in two-person split-screen or co-op mode, it is worth filtering the available productions in this respect and focusing on those games that offer your favourite method. The best fun is to play PC games for two people. This is when the gameplay is exciting and addictive.

Production type:

Among the boxed PC games and digital games, you can find classic games as well as extensions and game sets. It is especially worth paying attention to whether the add-on product requires the base game. Old PC games are also popular. Very often there are releases of the best titles from the past, in which the graphics quality has been significantly improved.


Some people prefer to use only one gaming platform, and then it is worth paying attention to whether the game was released on Steam, Origin, or another. For people whose computers don't offer the best technological capabilities, some platforms offer a lot of excellent games for a weak PC. They are worth taking a look at.

Language version:

It is worth paying attention to whether you are dealing with the game in the preferred language version. Some games offer only Polish subtitles, others are dubbed, and the language version of the interface is also essential. The Polish version of the game can be found very often in adventure games for PC. Publishers of strategy and RPG games also remember our language.

Play in your living room

The physical boundary between the different gaming machines is increasingly blurred. Smartphones and tablets are offering more and more games; it has even become the most profitable medium),Nintendo has made an explosive and unexpected comeback with the Switch, a home AND portable console ...