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In 2018, Panasonic celebrated its 100th anniversary. The scope of activity of this Japanese corporation is very wide - its units produce both electrical equipment and military vessels. At the same time, Panasonic Australia gained universal fame due to its completely peaceful products - electronics and household appliances.

The word Panasonic has two components: "Pan" - the ancient Greek word "all"; “Sonic” is the Latin word for “sound,” since it was originally intended to sell audio equipment & products under this brand.

Panasonic is a Japanese electronics and home appliance brand owned by Panasonic Corporation. The Panasonic equipment and products mainly manufacture in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine but are available all over the world.

The quality of Panasonic Australia is good, the functionality is wide and while Price segments range from below average to upper. Panasonic Products are very popular in Australia and is often found on sale - both in online stores and in electronics supermarkets.

Panasonic - Brief History & Overview

Panasonic Brand founded by Konosuke Matsushita, who born in 1894 and became the 8th child in his family. He could not get a normal education since at 10 years of age he was forced to go to Osaka and start working. In the city of Konosuke, he first served as a domestic servant and apprentice in several shops. In Osaka, the young man witnessed electrification and became interested in everything related to the field of energy.

In 1910, Matsushita began working at Osaka Electric, eventually progressing in service and engaged in design activities - he created a new lamp holder. His rationalization ideas did not interest the company.

In 1917, Matsushita quit and started his own business. The following year, it grows into the Matsushita Electric Factory, where the entrepreneur himself, several of his relatives and former colleagues work. At the initial stage, the enterprise produced lamp holders, components for fans and other electrical components. The first know-how of Matsushita was the cartridge into which two bulbs screwed.

Real success came in the 1920s when Matsushita began producing battery-powered portable and bicycle flashlights. They were followed by electric irons and radios. In the early 1930s, Matsushita began to dominate the Japanese radio market.

Soon, militarists came to power in Japan, and the Matsushita Corporation, by then already divided into several specialized units, was successfully participating in the arming of the army of its country. In 1943, the Matsushita Shipbuilding Company established, which in the same year launched its first warship.

The company, which is now known as Panasonic, was founded in 1918. At first, it was called Matsushita Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works., But later the name changed more than once, and only in 2008 the current name was adopted - Panasonic Corporation. But the history of the Panasonic Australia began nevertheless much earlier - in 1955.

The Second World War did not overwhelm Konosuke Matsushita, who, incidentally, continued to actively develop his business in the 1950s and even 1970s, at a very advanced age. In 1952, a partnership signed with Philips, thanks to which the companies were able to exchange technical and managerial experience (the agreement terminated in 1993).

In the same 1952, Matsushita Electric released the world's first serial television with a rectangular picture tube (previously picture tubes were round). The model was known as 17K-531 and had a pretty beautiful design in the spirit of the time; a bedside table was not required for her.

A year later, Panasonic Australia launched its first refrigerator - the NR-351 model under the National brand launched back in 1927. A couple of years later, the world-famous Panasonic Australia appeared. Its name is derived from the words pan (universal) and sonic (sound). According to the official version, the idea was that the Panasonic technique helps spread the sound of the recordings it plays around the world. Interestingly, initially, the Panasonic Australia intended only for the markets of North America (USA, Mexico and Canada).

By the end of the 1950s, the Panasonic Australia began active expansion both in the domestic market and in foreign markets; in particular, 1959 marked by the beginning of sales of Panasonic equipment in the United States. In Japan itself, the so-called household revolution took place in the late 1950s: people sought to acquire modern and useful appliances, so demand was growing rapidly. And to satisfy him, in 1957, the company opened the National Shop branded trading network.

In 1960, the company's first colour television released (model K21-10, screen size 21 inches). And five years later, the world's first vacuum cleaner in a plastic case (model Vacuum MC-1000) appeared on the market, with a front-wheel besides. A well-thought-out design facilitated the use of a vacuum cleaner: it turned out to be more manoeuvrable than similar devices from competitors.

The 1970s marked by a kind of application for the company to enter the segment of design equipment. So, in 1972, an original radio receiver (Panapet R-70 model) launched into production in the form of a ball suspended from a chain. The receiver produced in multi-coloured cases: red, green, yellow and blue; a more modest version in white was also available.

In 1977, Panasonic released its first VHS cassette recorder (this format was developed a year earlier by JVC, which owns by Panasonic since the 1960s). And 1979 marked by the launch of the very famous record player Technics SL-1200 MK2, which distinguished by the presence of a direct drive of the disc.

In 2003, the brand’s tagline was still in use: Panasonic Co. Ideas for life. Five years later, Panasonic bought the Japanese electronics manufacturer Sanyo. In the same year, the company became public; its shares quoted in New York, Tokyo and some other exchanges (NYSE: PC; TYO: 6752).

Interestingly, in 2007, Panasonic opens a television factory in Kaliningrad, but two years later it was closed. Currently, the company's products manufactured in China, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Malaysia, and Indonesia and sold its products worldwide.

Panasonic – Hard Times

Unfortunately, Panasonic Corporation experienced hard times; in recent years, it suffers losses and reduces the number of staff. All indicators are falling; In 2012, the loss amounted to $ 7.7 billion, and the annual turnover decreased by $ 5.5 billion.

The number of employees over the past year reduced by about 10%. In general, Koreans LG and Samsung, who can produce cheaper equipment, work to improve its quality and also promote it well, are gaining more and more influence on the market.

The official goal of Panasonic Australia is to contribute to the progress and prosperity of society, improving the lives of people around the world.

Panasonic Australia emphasizes its commitment to protecting the environment. The foundations of the environmental responsibility policy of the company formulated back in 1991. The company stands for the rational use of natural resources. In the ranking of the most environmentally friendly electronics manufacturing companies from Greenpeace, Panasonic ranks 9th. Also, Panasonic TVs are by far the most energy-efficient.

Panasonic sponsors the Olympics and the Toyota F1 project (Panasonic Toyota Racing). In 2010-2013, the company partially sponsored the Indian national football team. Also, the company owns the Gamba Osaka, football team.

Currently, Panasonic is the fourth company in the world in terms of television production. She is ahead of Samsung (No. 1),LG (No. 2) and Sony (No. 3).

Panasonic Corporation

Previously, the company produced products under the trademarks of Panasonic, Panasonic Lumix, Technics, National, Quasar and Ramsa. Currently, the main brand is Panasonic; Panasonic Lumix is digital cameras, Panasonic Viera is 3D TVs, and Technics are DJ headphones. National, Quasar and Ramsa not been used since 2008. However, the Technics brand in recent years seems to be gradually withdrawing from the market.

Naturally, an ordinary consumer faced with exactly the key brand - Panasonic, so it’s hardly possible to name a multi-brand company strategy.

Panasonic Household & Electronics Products

Panasonic Australia produces a huge number of models of various classes of household appliances and electronics. All products divided into two groups: for ordinary consumers and enterprises. It is worth noting models that focused on use in harsh, non-residential conditions: specially protected laptops, tablets and other equipment. The prices for them, of course, are rather big, but for several people and companies, these devices are simply irreplaceable.

It should emphasize that in the assortment of Panasonic there are a lot of models and ordinary, classic equipment designs for use at home. These are audio equipment, video equipment and medium and small household appliances (mainly kitchen appliances). Besides, Panasonic has a wide range of quality cordless phones. But the company is no longer releasing mobile phones currently.

The design of Panasonic devices described as restrained, concise, rigorous. There are very primitive models, but there are also very stylish, modern and even sometimes futuristic looks. In general, the design of Panasonic in most cases is universal and will suit most consumers as it uses primary colours: black, grey, and silver (metallic).

Brands Reviews in the Market

Reviews on the Internet about Panasonic technology on the Internet are mostly positive. Many note the excellent price-performance ratio, convenience, good quality of components and assembly, and reliability. On the other hand, there are complaints about certain ergonomic miscalculations in some models, not very capacious batteries in some cameras and camcorders, the lack of some options, support for some formats, and so on.

Brand Summary:

Panasonic Products Range:

Panasonic is one of the most popular brands offering quality products of every field in all over the world. Starting from Electric household equipment the brand expanded its product ranges and collection. Today, we all are familiar with the Panasonic Products quality, and functionalities the brand is offering.

Following are the Products Range & Collection Panasonic offers:

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