Panasonic Lumix TZ80 Digital Cameras

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Brand: Panasonic

Model: Lumix TZ80

Megapixels: 18.9 MP

Sensor Type: MOS

Optical Zoom: 30x

ISO Sensitivity: 80 to 3200

Shutter Speed: 1/6000 seconds

Built-in Flash: Yes

Viewfinder: Electronic

Screen Size: 3.0 inches

Weight: 282 grams

The LUMIX TZ80 fits easily into a pocket for travel. Despite its compact form, the TZ80 incorporates many useful functions for the traveller, such as an ultra-powerful zoom or the latest 4K video/photo technology from Panasonic. Panasonic Lumix TZ80 in Australia is readily available online on stores and physical shops. This device will allow you to reproduce the smallest detail, whether complex landscapes, distant subjects or photos taken on the spot. Capture all of your travel memories before you forget them and save them precisely in the format you want.

Price and Availability

The TZ series is and has been a success with all right for many years, and now we have the newest variant, the TZ80. It takes over the baton from the TZ70, which has sold in thousands of copies in Sweden with 4K Video and a new sensor with higher resolution. This fantastic Panasonic Lumix TZ280 price in Australia ranges from $300 to $400 AUD, which is quite affordable to have such an elegant camera. We have set up a few stores from where you can get this camera at the lowest rate.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 comes from a series of very popular compacts, which have also gained recognition due to their attractive design. The look is exquisite; the body is a combination of plastic and metal. Particularly successful is the processing of the lens, but also the individual controls. Each joint fits perfectly. Nowhere does anything overlap and nowhere does not throw anything.

There is also a grip and integrated flash in the front the upper part has a mode dial, shutter, zoom control and a select button for video recording. The rear is then clearly dominated by a large 3 inches of display. There is also a classic layout of buttons including one added - designed for 4K images.

Inside of this Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80, there is a 1.2 / 3 “MOS sensor with a sufficient resolution of 18.1 megapixels. Combination of family photos ideal. But the biggest argument for buying this device is the lens. It bears the resounding name of Leica, and the processing corresponds to its quality. Although its aperture does not reach the winning rungs (f / 3.3-6.4),it can take beautiful photos.

Also interesting is the wide-angle focus, starting at 24 mm and ending at a superzoom value of 720 mm. The camera has 30x optical zoom up to 60x smart zoom is also featured, but if we care about the quality of the photos, we'll be quicker and prefer not to use it. A 5- axis hybrid stabilizer supports image stability and photo sharpness. Values for deadline and ISO are rather fundamental. Again suitable for light family photos. The shutter captures the fastest time of 1/2000 sec and ISO can be set to 3200. The camera under test is equipped with a battery that takes approximately 300 shots per recharge.