Panasonic Lumix S1R Digital Cameras

4/5 $608 - $8,214

Brand: Panasonic

Model: Lumix S1R

Megapixels: 50.44 MP

Sensor Type: CMOS

ISO Sensitivity: 100 to 25600

Shutter Speed: 1/8000 secs

Focus Type: Auto and Manual

Viewfinder: Electronic

Screen Size: 3.2 inches

Touchscreen: Yes

Flash: No

Wi-Fi: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

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The first Lumix was announced in back 2018, the new Lumix S range from Panasonic is a big step forward compared to the smaller Micro Four-Thirds format cameras produced by the brand. Panasonic Lumix S1R in Australia was released on 18th March 2019. This SR1 is designed for professionals, experts and experienced amateurs, the Lumix S range consists of two devices the Panasonic S1 24 megapixel, cheaper, and the Lumix S1R, more expensive.

Price and Availability

Panasonic's speciality is 4K video, so in addition to trying to produce the best hybrid camera, Panasonic also wants it to be considered the best 4K camera for videographers.  Lumix S1R with the standard Panasonic 24-105mm f / 4 zoom, which seems to be the best choice of lens in a kit for this camera. If you are looking for the cheaper Lumix S series camera go for the SR1 and if you are willing to pay high amount go for the Lumix S1 camera. Panasonic Lumix SR1 price in Australia ranges from $4000 to $5000 AUD. We have enlisted-in a dew stores from where you can compare and buy any Lumix S series camera at the lowest price.

On the S1R, this produces large photos of 187 MP which exceed the number of pixels of the most potent medium format cameras. However, operating only on static subjects and with the camera mounted on a tripod, so you cannot it use only for certain types of items.

Panasonic has taken a reasonably uncompromising approach to the build quality of the S1R, with a magnesium alloy construction and weather tightness that makes it resistant to dust, moisture and frost resistant up to -10 degrees. It is a reasonably large camera to handle and hold and is perhaps the closest to the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 models in terms of size and touch.

It is not only superbly sharp, contrasting and saturated, and it is also remarkably free of lag. We are used to electronic displays that lag with fast movements, especially in low light conditions, but Panasonic seems to have set the bar higher. Panasonic uses its DFD contrast AF system rather than the theoretically faster phase-detection AF used by competing manufacturers, Panasonic's high-speed data processing and AF algorithms are high-speed and responsive.

The Eye Auto Focus system of this camera is particularly impressive which means that using this mode, can automatically identifies the bodies and faces of the scene using a rectangular marquee. If there is more than one faces or person in the image, it usually selects the face closest to the device.