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Panaracer is the only Japanese company to manufacture bicycle tires in Japan. Panaracer executives feel that their production keeps quality control at the highest level. This gives the developer the right to talk about their products only in positive aspects.

Many customers who purchase products from this company remain satisfied and become regular customers of Panaracer, which is why the brand has expanded its services and Panaracer in Australia is also available for the cyclists and bikers.

Price and Availability

Panaracer has been focusing its efforts on the development of bicycle tires, on improving their strength and reliability, as well as increasing their useful life. Athletes and cyclists appreciate these tires for an excellent performance.

Furthermore, these tires are available at reasonable prices for goods delight buyers, because everyone wants the amount and quality to be consistent. In general, Panaracer prices in Australia 10 to 100 AUD depending upon the type of the product.

Here above we have mentioned several stores from where you can buy any of the Panaracer tiers.

Brand History

Panaracer is a Japanese company founded in 1948. Initially, the company produced bicycles and parts for them. In 1978, the company began to deliver only tires for bikes, and mainly focused on the production of the best tires on the bicycle market. For the benefit of the company, people who are interested in their work are working.

Particular attention is paid to the ultra-modern stage of automation, design and development of profiles. Such advanced tire manufacturing steps enable the rapid implementation of the latest product designs and their development.

Panaracer products are mainly based on the production of bicycle tires of various models. The company is continually upgrading the primary tool in order to produce high-quality ultramodern products. For the manufacture of tires used the best, manually sorted raw materials.

The use of new technological developments in the field of polymers and cord materials makes it possible to achieve excellent results while reducing tire weight.

Specialists rigorously test all products of the company. The goods have quality certificates, as well as warranty periods. With the tires manufactured by Panaracer, you can perform any tricks on the road without worrying about possible drifts or accidents.

After all, tires of this brand have excellent grip and are also lightweight in their design. All this increases efficiency when riding a bicycle.