Overpass Nintendo Switch Game

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Platform: Nintendo Switch

Genre: Off-Road Racing and Simulation

Release Date: March 2020.

Developer: Zordix Racing

Publisher: BigBen Interactive

Age: 3+

An overpass is the upcoming racing game which the player can get the real-life experience of off-road racing. The overpass isn’t released yet for any of the gaming platforms. Overpass Nintendo Switch in Australia is expected to release in March 2020. The pre-orders of this game has already started. You can ride on any obstacles which you face in the off-road. Get real-life experience with the best physics concepts and realistic graphics.


This is a whole new gaming experience where you can enjoy by driving your rally cars on the toughest roads such as hills and mountains where it is quite challenging to reach. This is a more technical game to play where only experience and techniques work. The game has more than 20 official cars of various manufacturers and has almost 40 tracks on which you have to drive the vehicle. The game has six different environments in which you can play either career mode or also can enjoy the multiplayer mode. 

This game doesn’t rely on the Speed if you have to win speed is not the factor here. In such type of off-road tracks speed won’t work. You have to be very careful and can be played with various techniques. You can select the cars according to the nature of track and environment.

Game Features

  • Realistic Off-road Experience
  • More than 20 ATP and UTV Vehicles
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Multiplayer
  • Story Mode
  • 40 tracks
  • 6 Different Environment

Price and Availability

This game is a combination of simulation and off-road racing genre and well-loved by gamers all around the world. This game hasn’t released yet, but hundreds of players have already booked their pre-orders of this fabulous game.  If you also want to purchase this game, we have mentioned few stores above from where you can get your pre-orders of Overpass Nintendo Switch. For the cost of this game, Overpass Nintendo Switch price in Australia ranges from 50 to 70 AUD.