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Olympus Digital Cameras

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Olympus has been serving in the world of photography landscape since for over 70 years, and it was surprisingly one of the early consumer digital camera innovators. Olympus has been offering an extensive range of models in these distinct ranges.

  • The entry-level FE series.
  • The big zoom SP series
  • The ultra-compact stylish Mju/Stylus series.

Even though often laden with features, and few offer much manual control. We’ve mentioned some of the major features of Olympus Digital Cameras you should know. So, let’s get going.

Small Size and Strong Body:

One of the big selling points of Olympus Digital Cameras is that you can take it almost everywhere. They are compact and the weight just a touch over half a pound. They’re made out of high-end plastic making them sturdy and feels solid in the hands. If you Compare Olympus Digital Cameras with other giants such as Sony, Nikon, and Fuji, they’ll shine almost in every department such as design, performance, and battery.

These Digital Cameras have a small grip on the front giving the camera a comfortable hold when shooting. On the other hand, paired with a small thumb rest at the back which is near the control for easy reach, including a video record button and a mode dial.

Advanced Shooting Modes:

Olympus Digital Cameras are loaded with Live Composite mode makes light painting almost as easy as shooting in auto – you just need a tripod. It combines numerous images together, but only merges the brightest areas.

Moreover, Macro photography is one of Olympus’ strengths helps to add focus stacking and focus bracketing along with the carryover microscope macro mode. Focus stacking is a nice feature which keeps details intact without needing a lot of post-processing. There’re plenty of other modes available e.g. Pro Capture, Scene Modes, and few others.

Tracks Your Every Move:

Maybe TG-5’s tracking system is the biggest improvement over TG-4. The TG-5 has the capability to record additional data related to the photo or video. It can record elevation, temperature, location and average speed via GPS. Unfortunately, users are required to download a separate app and make sure the log is enabled so the camera can continue tracking.

It’s expected to see a few more features, for example, the ability to merge several logs within a single trip, but the app is easy enough to use.

Olympus Digital Cameras Prices:

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