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Do you do surfing, wakeboarding, or just beaching? No matter how much you like to spend time in the water, be sure to check out and wear the swimsuits and sports accessories of Olaian by Decathlon! Olaian Australia is the only Decathlon Network with Original prints, the most fashionable colours, and a wide selection of styles with different sizes that will make your favourite sport even more enjoyable!

Olaian – Brand Overview

Olaian is a new brand of Decathlon stores specializing in surfing, bodyboarding, and skimboarding, i.e., dynamic water sports, in which it is particularly important to have an outfit that ensures comfort and stability during maneuvers on the waves. The brand's headquarters is in Hendaye on the Bay of Biscay, and it is there, in the French resort, that tests take place, the fruit of which are unique swimwear and accessories for lovers of sea madness.

Olaian by Decathlon costume lines directed into three groups of users: beginners, intermediate and experts, which is why every sportswoman will find a costume adapted to her level of performance in terms of parameters.

For debutants, there are costumes more revealing the body, great for sunbathing, and at the same time, non-binding movements on smaller waves. Intermediate users will surely appreciate the great-fitting costumes that provide comfort on the board, and also beautifully display the figure. In turn, professionals will choose a feminine cut from the Expert series, guaranteeing luxury, and full stability during any water activity thanks to the strong elastics.

Olaian by Decathlon is not only a great idea for athletes, but the creators of the brand also made sure that the styles and colours of the collection reflect the latest beach trends, which is why it is appreciated by lovers of sunbathing and summer chill-out.

The world of plants inspires Olaian, and recently the brand launched its new collection. Exotic motifs of tropical leaves appear on surfboards and a unique line of towels, to which you can match flip-flops with the same pattern and matching swimsuits. This summer's hit will also be warm and absorbent ponchos that make changing foam into a costume easier. The modern tonality of dresses dazzles with a riot of colours and draws attention with floral and ethnic prints. The dominant colours are violet, green, turquoise, fluorescent orange, blue, pink, navy, blue, and black. The entire collection kept in a holiday atmosphere that brings to mind favourite surf resorts.

Olaian Swimwear Collection

The right swimsuit at the beach is just as essential as high heels for your evening dress. It must be comfortable, original, and give you comfort. Time spent at the water is always marvellous. Regardless of whether you practice water sports, swim amateur, or like to bask in the sun, the basis for a good time on the beach is the right swimsuit.

What does a suitable mean? First of all, suited to the type of activity, as well as to your figure and comfort. It should be quick-drying and, at the same time, pleasant to the body. Do you need a new outfit? Discover the latest collection of Olaian swimwear available at our online store!

Women's Collection

Another element that distinguishes Olaian by Decathlon costumes is the choice of unusual, extremely comfortable cuts that match any figure. Bras do not restrict movement, beautifully emphasize the bust, and are equipped with removable cups. Different styles are available in the same colours, so you can easily compose a perfect set for you. The collection includes triangles, push-ups, and headbands, plus various bottom styles: classic bikinis, briefs, or shorts.

The original and extremely eye-catching detail of the collection addressed to experts is the mesh in bras that wonderfully emphasizes feminine shapes. Users of intermediate levels should pay attention to the bra Andrea with crossed, adjustable straps and removable pads, which entirely covers the bust, while ultimately revealing the shoulders and back. In turn, beginner surfers, in addition to revealing bikinis, have a choice of extremely comfortable one-piece costumes.

Men Collection

The Olaian brand also thought about men. In the Men's range of swimwear, you will find a wide selection of surfing shorts, made of the best quality materials, and with the most fashionable prints. Light and airy beach shoes that can be put on the heel to ensure better stability, or worn with the heel closed like flip flops, and also practical and quick-drying flip-flops available in many colours.

Buy Olaian Products Online

Get all products and accessories of Olaian by Decathlon, such as Surfboards, Bodyboard, and Skimboard at our online store. Moreover, we have a full and extensive range of Women's wetsuits & shorts, Men's and Kids wetsuits & Shorts, Gloves, Slippers, and hoods. Buy Olaian Products Online at best and low price and gear-up to the next level surfing this summer.