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NUK Silicone Dummies 2pk

$ 16.95

NUK Narrow Neck Latex Teat Med...

$ 8.95

NUK Latex Dummies 2pk

$ 13.95

NUK Wide Neck Latex Teat Mediu...

$ 10.95

NUK First Choice Glass Bottle...

$ 27.95

NUK Happy Days Single Silicone...

$ 9.95

NUK Bottle Cleanser 500ml

$ 12.95

NUK First Choice Plus Baby Bot...

$ 23.99

NUK Soft Sensitive Silicone So...

$ 21.99

NUK Silicone Soothers 2pk

$ 16.95

NUK Breast Milk Storage Contai...

$ 28.95

NUK Cup Magic with No Leak Dri...

$ 19.99

NUK First Choice Learner Bottl...

$ 22.99

NUK Happy Days Silicone Soothe...

$ 10.99

NUK Childs Toilet Trainer Seat

$ 28.99

NUK Childs Toilet Trainer Seat

$ 28.99

NUK Evolution Learn to Drink S...

$ 49.99

NUK First Choice Active Cupsil...

$ 25.99

NUK Disney Mickey Mouse Silico...

$ 10.95

NUK Happy Days Silicone Soothe...

$ 10.95

NUK Thermo Express BottleFood...

$ 99.95

NUK Stainless Steel Learner Cu...

$ 39.99

NUK Happy Days Classic Silicon...

$ 9.99

NUK Disney Mickey Minnie Twin...

$ 17.95

NUK Cup Evolution Trainer 230m...

$ 19.99

NUK Genius Silicone Soother Si...

$ 18.95

NUK Flash Non Contact Thermome...

$ 94.99

NUK Space Silicone Pacifier

$ 16.99

NUK Cool AllAround Turtle Teet...

$ 12.50

NUK Space Silicone Pacifier

$ 16.99

NUK Shaped Soother Chains

$ 9.99

NUK Big Kid Maxi Cutlery Set

$ 22.95

There are only a few numbers of companies or brands that really care about babies and produce products for them. However, a well-recognised worldwide and highly admirable brand NUK in Australia is being liked by millions of parents – thanks to their wide range of baby products under different categories at unmatched rates. The company “NUK” is a family of different brands, which is designing and developing the highest quality products that play a vital role to improve our child’s overall development. They have handsome years of experience and trust and that’s the reason NUK has been committed to helping your child to grow healthy and happy.

Its been more than 50 years since NUK has been working hard to come up with designs and products that are based on next-level quality standards and are innovative and most important of all, scientifically tested. All their products available at NUK Store in Australia promise safe and healthy development without any side effects. NUK is loaded with a handsome number of experts and other staff who is dedicated to producing products that combine not only science but also style and maintain the highest quality. All their products are produced according to international standards and meet their customers’ needs quite perfectly.


The company is intended to deliver a wonderful range of products at unmatched rates with NUK Sale in Australia. They offer a wide range of products in all categories. It’s noteworthy that NUK complies with the highest quality in every product. Some of the best products are as follow:

Over several years, the first choice over bottle feeding based on breastfeeding was NUK First Choice. With NUK First Choice+, they have succeeded in getting even closer to nature – as if on the mother's breast – to achieve a healthy jaw growth.

With its cute style and delicate colours, the famous NUK Baby Rose & Blue collection is sure to please you. His classic rose and blue love world of design radiates warmth and comfort feeling with all motifs. The NUK Baby Rose & Blue Range will enchant children and their parents with a smile on their faces.

The NUK First Choice Learner Bottle is used when your child is a kid and helps ensure a smooth transition to drinking without your help. A soft silicone spout is included with the NUK First Choice Learner Jar, which is please-free. The integrated NUK Air System equalizes the bottle pressure and helps to minimize colic as less air is swallowed.

The NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser sterilizes baby bottles with steam-99% of germs are extracted without any harmful products. Around the same time, the equipment provides the highest comfort, as the six replaceable rods and the accessories can be arranged as appropriate. This means that up to 6 conventional, boil-resistant bottles may be permitted.

Some of the other devices that tend to make life more comfortable for a parent is a bottle warmer so milk and, later, baby foods are brought to the correct temperature. The NUK Thermo Express Bottle Warmer saves room and offers maximum protection while providing warmth. This has overheating protection and shuts it down automatically after heating – which also helps to protect the atmosphere. The separate basket is used as a glass pot holder that can conveniently be used to position baby bottles and babying food jars and removed, making it easier to clean the bottle warmer.

NUK Micro Express+ Microwave Steam Steriliser ensures that baby bottles, toys and breast pump parts are sterilized. With steam, it can simultaneously sterilize up to four 300 ml large bottles and the bottles are in the appropriate drying place by the smart holder. Using the appropriate bottle tongs, the sterilized components can then be quickly removed.

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