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Since olden times, Novelty Wedding Rings in Australia have been a symbol of eternal love. The couple in love exchanged them as a sign of the inviolability of family ties. The wedding tradition has survived to this day.

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Paylessdeal offers you to Buy Best Novelty Weddings Online in Australia as our online catalogue contains a wide range of Wedding rings in various styles, shapes, design, and material such as Silver, Gold, Aluminum, Diamond, and white gold.  Apart from that, you can also look for Novelty Signet Rings, Novelty Stacking Rings, Novelty Engagement Rings and much more.

The History of the Wedding Rings

The tradition of exchanging wedding rings for a wedding dates back to antiquity. The ancient Greeks believed that the thinnest nerve comes from the ring finger, which is responsible for heart feelings. Paired wedding rings worn on the fingers of newlyweds show that their hearts are busy.

Wedding and accompanying traditions are of great importance in the life of future spouses. Novelty Wedding rings in Australia are special jewellery that symbolizes the loyalty and devotion of a husband and wife. Therefore, it is so important that the rings are not just fashionable and expensive, but also reflect your character, personality and tender feelings for each other.

The first wedding rings began to be given back in ancient Egypt when the rich wore expensive metal jewellery, and the poor wore cheap, reed stems. The healers found out that on the ring finger there is a vein that leads to the heart - that's why it is customary to wear a wedding ring on it.

Modern Fashion Rings

A few decades ago, it was a strict tradition to exchange smooth novelty wedding rings, but now jewellery fashion offers a variety of solutions, and there is no strict regulation on what an engagement ring should be. The cost is not important either - jewellery made of silver is cheap, and with large solitaire diamonds, they are an indicator of the family's status. Jewelers offer jewellery:

  • white gold
  • bi-metal
  • with precious and semi-precious ornaments
  • with openwork rings in vintage style
  • matte
  • with enamel

Novelty Wedding Rings Designs & Trends

Here are some of the Novelty Wedding rings and trends that you should pay attention too before buying a wedding ring.


If you follow tradition, you can rely on the classics when choosing wedding rings - sleek models without any decor. According to the sign, such products can promise a happy (that is, "smooth") life for the newlyweds.


Stylish rings that you really want to wear throughout your life can be engraved in their designs. Usually, memorial words are placed on the inside of the product, but there are exceptions. The decoration of accessories can be the names of the newlyweds, the date of the wedding, an abbreviation or some symbolic quote.


The essence of this unusual and symbolic trend is the production of rings from different metals. The choice directly depends on the preferences of the couple. For example, many people prefer a combination of gold and silver or a combination of different shades of gold.

White Gold

In addition to classic silver, you can opt for aesthetic white gold. The main advantage of this metal is that it does not darken over the years and does not require complex maintenance. Fashionable wedding rings made of white gold can be classic and laconic - they will definitely fit into any wedding look. If the bride wants to opt for a more spectacular option, she may prefer a combination of white gold with transparent crystals or diamonds.

Black Gold

Another trend that deserves attention is black gold rings in various designs. This shade looks interesting and modern - this quality will surely be appreciated by couples who want to emphasize their individuality and special view of the world. Black designs are usually chosen by men, while their brides opt for white or pink metal. This approach emphasizes that the two halves are different but still made for each other.

Matte Design

The modern world of jewellery has stepped far forward and is ready to offer couples new unusual solutions. For example, rings with a matte finish, which looks very unusual and elegant, are considered a stylish novelty. Sometimes matte inserts are combined with glossy ones to give the product more expressiveness.


Modern engagement rings can reflect the trend towards geometry. It does not at all mean the popularity of extraordinary forms of jewellery. This direction usually manifests itself in inlay or cut and looks quite laconic and stylish.


Geometry is subtly related to another leading bridal fashion trend - the pursuit of minimalism. The laconic style of rings will be a real boon for modern couples who do not want to choose too colourful and elegant models. It is also suitable for newlyweds who do not want to stop choosing classic rings made of smooth gold.

Curved line

An interesting novelty trend following in recent years is the wedding ring with a curved shape. Such graceful and sophisticated products most often attract brides who want the ring to be not only a symbol of love but also a worthy adornment of the image. This design can include both smooth products and models with stones or diamonds. Whichever option you prefer, it will look graceful and feminine.

How to Choose Novelty Wedding Rings?

How do you choose Novelty Wedding rings and Jewelry? As a rule, wedding rings are paired, that is, they have the same, similar or overlapping design, which emphasizes the unbreakable bond between husband and wife.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Rings

Choosing novelty wedding rings should be done not only at the call of the heart but also by practical recommendations. It is great if the accessory is comfortable, and there will be no protruding parts that can treacherously cling to clothes.

The ideal size is another important criterion for a successful choice. Even in the store, you need to make sure that the ring is not tight and not loose. It may be necessary to adjust the diameter in the workshop at this stage.

Buy Novelty Wedding Rings in Australia

The Assortment of wedding rings at our online catalogue offers a large selection of wedding rings at an attractive price. Discover classic, matte black, diamond-cut, paired and rings from red, white, and black gold at best and unbeatable price rates.

Concerning the Novelty Wedding Rings Price in Australia, for silver, aluminium, and stainless steel rings, the price is A$10 – A$59, but for having wedding rings engraved with Gold or Diamond carrot, it would cost almost A$599 – A$3999.