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Nixon Mens Time Teller Watch A...

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Nixon Womens Kensington Leathe...

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Nixon Womens Siren SS Watch Ro...

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Nixon Womens Medium Kensington...

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Nixon Womens Ladies Kensington...

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Nixon Womens Clique Leather Wa...

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Time Teller

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Nixon Mens 5130 51mm Chrono Wa...

$ 799.99

Yanluo Silver Watch Hands Nh35...

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Yanluo Green Luminous Watch Ha...

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Yanluo Silver Gold Watch Hands...

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NIXON Wrist watches Item 58030...

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Nixon Womens Clique Watch Gold...

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Nixon Womens Kensington Leathe...

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Nixon Mens Time Tracker Watch...

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Nixon Mens Sentry 38 Leather W...

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Nixon Womens Medium Kensington...

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Nixon Mens Corporal SS Watch R...

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Nixon Mens Sentry Leather Watc...

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Nixon Womens Ladies Kensington...

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Nixon Womens Ladies Med Kensin...

$ 79.99

Nixon Mens Sentry SS 42mm Watc...

$ 419.99

Nixon A290760 Rover All Black...

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Nixon A1057307 Porter Navy Blu...

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Nixon Mens 385mm ReRun Watch A...

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Nixon 51-30 Chrono Matte Black...

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VL - Men's Watch VL056703, Bla...

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mens watches dz7331 steal stee...

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Welder smoothy Mens Analog Qua...

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Nixon Australia is one of the leading brands in the market manufacturing the elite, premium and luxurious Watches and other accessories for the youth. Symbol of a contemporary style, Nixon products are designed for active men and women, with a passion for sport, but also those looking for very stylish watches.

The Californian brand set out to create beautiful watches that survive an active lifestyle. The range can withstand the strain of surfing, skating and snowboarding or be used as an accessory.

The Nixon story

It all started in 1998 when the surfer Chad DiNenna needed a quality watch that suits his surfer activity. DiNenna realized that there was no watch on the market designed for those who practice action sports. A watch that, for example, could withstand certain conditions, such as saltwater.

Also, DiNenna was looking for a watch that reflected his active lifestyle, the lifestyle of the 90s Californian youth. However, that search proved fruitless and frustrating, prompting DiNenna to join friend Andy Laats to create Nixon watches.

In the first phase, the brand's catalogue had only seven models, which offered for sale in about two hundred commercial spaces related to surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.

The watches were an immediate success, thanks to the relaxed look and the features they had. They gave information about the tides and showed, on their graphic display, data on two hundred beaches around the world.

Over the next eight years, Nixon managed to increase the offer to ninety models. In 2005, Billabong noticed the watches and acquired the brand, in a strategy to reach a market segment where it was not yet represented. In 2012, Nixon became an independent brand again.

Nixon: the difference is in the details

Nixon watches are thought out in detail to meet the needs of those who wear them. That is the essence and mission of Nixon. The brand sells several models from digital watches, quartz to analog, divided into models for men and women.

There are watches made of different materials, such as stainless steel, ceramics, among others. Depending on the model, watches can come in many colours, sizes and finishes.

The watches most targeted at sporting activities equipped with handy features. It is the case of the Nixon Mission Action Sports Smartwatch that can receive alerts about temperature, humidity, GPS, and more.

Although the brand was born with the younger age groups in mind, it is possible to find pieces for different styles in its catalogue. It is the case with watches with more sober and refined lines, perfect for a more classic style like the “Nixon Time Teller Gold Green Sunray” watch or the “Sentry Leather” Watch for men.

The brand also features unisex watches, such as the Nixon Unisex Cannon Watch. Currently, Nixon sells products other than successful watches. In the brand catalogue, we can find products as varied as backpacks, clothing and even accessories.

Nixon Men's Watch

Here you can find Nixon watches for men of different styles and made with various materials, designed to respond to the diverse needs of urban and active life.

Specifically, the materials with which the straps are made, which cover both the classic leather, such as stainless steel or the versatile silicone, seek to offer practicality and style while adapting to the requirements of your daily life. In all cases, the quality of these materials gives them strength and high durability.

Nixon Ladies Watch

The range that Nixon offers for women watches is designed for urban and dynamic women. Therefore, we have digital and analog clocks, either classic and sophisticated, or sporty, ideal for an active life and outdoor exercise. Besides, some submersible and tidal record designs stand out, suitable for water sports.

The different materials with which they are made, all of the proven quality, give these watches adaptability and resistance that ensure their durability over time.

Nixon Time Teller

The Nixon Time Teller is based on the brand's most iconic analog watches, with an elegant and minimalist design. It has a classic silhouette and modern air, perfect for everyday life in the city. Also, being submersible, you won't have to worry about moisture.

The Nixon Time Teller P, named for its pop aesthetic, which is evident in its vibrant colours, is another of Nixon's iconic designs, and in particular, the bestselling. Its polyurethane strap with polycarbonate buckle make it a lightweight, comfortable and, above all, versatile watch.

Nixon Regulus SS

The Nixon Regulus Stainless Steel watch is a new version of the classic and robust Regulus watch, which Nixon manufactured in collaboration with the US Army Special Forces, and which was designed to meet its high demands.

Therefore, it is made of shockproof, submersible and resists up to 10 ATM. Its stainless steel design and multiple functions make it a perfect watch for a busy urban life. Whether you are looking for a gold or silver Nixon watch, both versions are available on the Regulus SS model.

Nixon Re-Run

This discreet vintage aesthetic watch has a multifunction digital display, with a digital calendar, alarm and timer, among others. Especially comfortable and practical for daily life.

Nixon Sentry

The Nixon Sentry is an elegant watch with a classic design, whose dial attracts attention due to its level of detail and depth. On the other hand, the resistance conferred by its materials plants against water and pressure (up to 10 ATM). If you are looking for this same design with more dimensionality, the Nixon Sentry Leather, with a leather strap, is perfect for you.

Nixon Sentry SS

The Nixon Sentry Stainless Steel watch is the classic Nixon Sentry, with the difference that the strap is made of stainless steel. Ideal for those adventurers who never lose elegance.

Nixon accessories

Among the high-end products that the Nixon brand works, here you can find clothing for men, such as sweatshirts and shirts. They are discrete, comfortable and functional pieces.

The Nixon sweatshirts we have are made of polyester and cotton and are perfectly combinable with jeans, which makes them a practical wardrobe. The Nixon shirts are made of cotton. Its universal design combines perfectly with jeans and adapts to both work and social life, with a casual air.

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