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Nitecore Australia

NITECORE Australia is the world-leading brand in the lighting and electronic tools market for many years. This Chinese brand created in 2007 is internationally recognized for the quality of its products, which has won several major design awards in Germany and Japan.

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Small as cans but mighty, real monsters of brightness in the palm of your hand. The brand’s motive is, "let's light the mountain." Nitecore torches are innovative, robust, and very efficient and are intuitive lighting tools.

They are designed to cover a wide range of applications, for outdoor sports, activities related to the protection of people and property, military and tactical maneuvers, as well as the needs of artisans and industrialists.

Already an electronics specialist, the manufacturer detected real potential in the vaping market and has thus developed a whole range of Nitecore battery chargers such as the Nitecore D4 or the Nitecore i4.

Like its revolutionary flashlights, its battery chargers are renowned for their longevity and solidity. NITECORE positions itself as a reliable brand focused on practicality, ergonomics, and innovation. Choosing NITECORE battery chargers means ensuring better durability of its electronic cigarette batteries!

Nitecore – Brand Overview

Nitecore is a Chinese brand specializing in LED lighting and battery charging, which launched in 2007. It belongs to the Sysmax group, a company located near Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Nitecore products are known and recognized throughout the world for their robustness, durability, and reliability.

Loaded with innovations, Nitecore flashlights and chargers are very popular in the United States, the Middle East, Oceania, and, of course, in Europe. With more than a hundred patents filed and several awards won in the United States, Australia, Germany, and Japan, Nitecore shows that it is not ready to give way to competition, this leader is undoubtedly an expert in its field.

First intended for professional use, primarily designed for the military, the police forces of high mountain guides and even speleologists, Nitecore flashlights and chargers have gradually addressed individuals with products specially designed for athletes and hikers. It was only very recently that Nitecore entered the vaping market!

Nitecore Battery Chargers

NITECORE battery chargers were, therefore, not intended initially for MODS batteries. This product created to charge the batteries of NITECORE flashlights. Luck of luck for the world of electronic cigarettes, the cells for Mods and Boxes, and those for NITECORE flashlights are perfectly identical.

The world of vaping has therefore recovered these latest generation chargers to make them exceptional rechargeable chargers! Now, the brand proudly claims that it produces materials for the vaping market to the point of participating in large-scale events like the IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo, one of the most influential vaping fair in the world!

The particularity of NITECORE is its capacity to innovate and to redouble its effort to offer products intended for each mode of use. Depending on the battery models, the chargers designed so that they can adapt to different formats and different chemical compositions of batteries.

To produce its chargers with incredible resistance, Nitecore does not skimp on resources. The brand uses quality materials, such as special and reinforced aluminum, borrowed from the world of aeronautics.

Smart chargers in different models to effectively charge different battery models and various camera models.

For maximum performance with these Nitecore brand chargers, it is recommended to use them with chargers or power supplies that have DC 5V / 2A or 9V / 2A. With these, you will get superior performance and a more stable load

The specific Nitecore brand, among other accessories, in the smart chargers for camera batteries, offers a real-time reading of the battery status. All of them have an indicative LCD panel that shows the remaining energy, the charge in mAh and mA, the battery status, charging voltage, and battery temperature.

They allow a dual charging port for up to two batteries. They connected through the use of USB cable being able to charge the batteries through different devices such as solar power supplies, to the power grid via USB adapter, or an external power supply.

Nitecore batteries, the best in the market

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The Nitecore flashlight collection offers a wide choice of dimensions, ergonomic preferences, and performance and start-up solutions. Each Nitecore flashlight can be called a masterpiece. They provide the best outside assistance to sports enthusiasts, law enforcement officials, the military, and personnel of many professions.

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