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Nisi 100x100mm Nano IR Neutral...

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Landscape photography has become an extremely popular pastime over the past 10 years and has brought in countless new producers. In just a few years, NiSi Australia stood by the world's best producers of photo filter systems. They did so by offering incredible optical quality at competitive prices. NiSi grip systems are simple yet exceptional in performance, robust and functional and are the only brand that offers progressive ND as a range of standard filters.

NiSi Australia offers the complete range of Filter Systems that are an idol for Landscape photography because of its high-quality image and simple filter system that makes it easy to use. Available and compatible with all mirrorless lens ranging from 75mm to 100mm with wide-angle range. NiSi Products are also compatible with the 150mm Wide-Angle Lens such as Canon 11-24mm with an aperture of F/4L and Nikon 14-24mm with aperture f/2.8.

All photographers who sooner or later begin to approach landscape photography decide to use special photo filters to better highlight the scene to be pushed back.

The main brands of photo filters are Lee and Formatt-HiTech, but recently a new brand appeared on the market: NiSi.

There are few major and famous brands in terms of lens filters such as Formatt Hi-Tech and Lee, but recently NiSi Australia appeared as one of the most astonishing brands in the market.

Same Like other famous brands, NiSI Australia develops screw and plate filters but at much affordable price and with higher built quality.

NiSi Top-Rated Products

Here are some of the famous and latest NiSI products that have been a sensation in Landscape photography.


The entire NiSi kit is made of matte black aluminium, making it very durable, lightweight and elegant. Unlike other brands that use adapters to connect the lens to the handle, it can simply be put on the lens by screwing two small screws in seconds.

NiSi handle can support a total of 3 filters, somehow it can easily adjust the NiSi ND filter of 10 feet with nisi GND medium and HD polarizer compatibility.


Each filter is marked with the name and nomenclature of the filter. The built-quality of NiSi filters is extraordinary, as NiSI Australia develops the outer-shell with glass filters instead of resin that makes it more robust in quality and better in performance.

Although glass offers excellent optical quality, on the other hand, it is more susceptible to impact and scratches, therefore it is necessary to maintain and protect it.

From all NiSi Filters Australia available in the market, only the ND filter contains a closure around the glass in such a way that the holder prevents the light dissipation and also to attach it more.

For making more robust and offering optimal performance NiSi Australia develop the NiSi Filters with special leather filter holders. Attaching photo gadgets is always useful to take filters with you but it should be purchased separately.

Filter housing

The filter holder is compact and can contain up to six filters with dimensions of 150 x 150 or 150 x 170. The set also includes resin-based spacers that allow you to remove square filters without having to flip the housing.

Today, despite the ability to manage a large range of dynamics, cameras are unable to cope with the darkest shadows and brightest lights in one view. When taking pictures, you decide whether you want to expose for light or shadow. For this reason, the NiSi GND Medium filter was created: to manage these two factors in one shot, thereby avoiding having to spend time in Photoshop to manage multiple exposures made on the ground.

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NiSi square filters provide the best vivid and eye-catching colours with its IR technology that are the best option when it comes to landscape photography. Not only Robust in design, NiSi Optical glass is double-sided waterproof as well as they have an infrared protection coating layer to eliminate the infrared light also.

NiSi offers all range of Nisi Filter System ranging from 75mm – 180mm that are easily available at our online store. Discover and Buy NiSi Products Online at a best and affordable price at our store. NiSi Kit & Filter Systems are more durable than other brands as well as they cost lesser than brands like Lee and Formatt-Hitech.