Nintendo Switch Diablo III Eternal Collection

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Game Information

Console: Nintendo Switch

Number of Players: 1-4

Development: Blizzard

Type: Action and Adventure

Release Date: 2 November, 2018.

A piece of Good news for the Diablo games lovers, Diablo 3 has been available now on Nintendo Switch which includes all the previous DLC characters. You can purchase Diablo III eternal Collection in Australia from the Nintendo store or the links as mentioned above. The storyline of the game lies on Angel and Devils in which players can select their character and fight head to head with the angel of death.

If we move back to the old ages where there was only an angel and devils, and no human was there. It was the world of angels and devils, and now they have come back to take what was theirs. The players have to stand against the Lord of the hell to stop him from destroying all humanity and to rule them. The battel will be horrifying where you have to fight against the devils and the walking corpse.

Nintendo Switch Diablo III eternal collection consists the Diablo 3, the reaper of the Souls and the Rise of the necromancer packs consisting seven classes, five acts and seasons. The players have to discover the pieces of Legend of Zelda world in the graveyards to unlock various superpowers which will help you in the battel. You can find other things too, such as ionic Armor or can give you wings.

 You will be surrounded by the demons and angels who were fighting to rule upon all the man-kind. Evils remain there and setup more difficulty in your path. There is a total of 7 seasons in the game and each season has its sanctuary and challenges.

As you clear the stages, you can collect gears from each season and can change or modify the character and upgrade your weapons such as swords and other destructive material. You can push the devil back to the hell using fire, spear, storms, zombies, blasts and thunder lights. Or enhance the skills and give one combo to finish them all in a single move or attack.

You can play Nintendo Switch Diablo III Eternal Collection in three different modes you can either go into the story mode or can play this fantastic game in multiplayer mode which will allow you to add three friends who can play by your side to destroy the devils.

Price and Availability

This fantastic game Diablo III Eternal Collection was released on 2 November 2018. It’s quite fun to play this game as you have to save humanity from the devils and angels who are fighting to take what was there and to rule on all humankind. It is globally available you can buy it from any store or can check the links as mentioned earlier. Nintendo Switch Diablo III eternal collection price in Australia ranges from $70 to $200 AUD.