Nintendo Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition Switch Game

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate edition in the fifth game edition introduced in the Super Smash Bros gaming series. This game is one of the most popular games of Nintendo Switch after Mario. Gamers are loving this game. Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition in Australia is available on various stores. Although the game was launched in 2018, we haven’t seen the decrease in popularity of this game.

Game Information

Name: Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition

Release Date: December 02 2018.

Number of Players: Up to 8 players

Category: Action and Fighting

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo and Bandai Namco Studio

Game Play

If we talk about the gameplay of this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition its an Action and Fighting game in which up to 8 characters can play and fight in the arena at a time. Each player has its health bar, which decreases whenever the opponent’s attack does damage. There are three wining conditions of this game.

The first condition is that the player has to defeat its opponent, reducing his health bar to zero. The second condition is time, manage yourself to keep alive for the given time slot. While the last situation to win is having maximum health.

In the combat, players can use various items as a weapon to attack their enemies which gives them power-ups and increase their ranks. Every character has a powerful smash move which can be used by collecting smash balls and filing the bar. There is a total of 103 different stages in which user have to fight.

Like other games, this game also comes with different modes which include, Classic style, Special smash mode, Smash down mode and multiplayer mode. This game also has a tournament mode which is too surprising because in tournament mode there is a total of 32 players which will fight for the trophy. Multiplayer mode is one of the most famous and most played modes, it offers you both options as LAN multiplayer or as Wireless multiplayer. Gamers in Australia usually play multiplayer mode.

Price and Availability

This game was launched at the end of 2018 and was loved by the gamers worldwide. According to the stats, almost 97 per cent of people loved and played this game. If you haven’t played it yet, there is a chance for you now. Hurry up and buy your Nintendo switch game. Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition price in Australia ranges from 500 to 600 AUD. We have mentioned a few stores which can give you the best deal to save your money.