Nikon D750 Digital Cameras

4/5 $2,223 - $2,223

Brand: Nikon

Product Model: D750

Lens: 24 megapixels

Sensor Size: 35.9mm X 24mm

Sensor: Image Sensor Factor

ISO Range: 100-12,800

Screen Size: 3.2 inches

Monitor Type: Wide Viewing Angle TFT LCD

Battery: Lithium-ion battery

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Nikon D750 Camera Body, Black


Nikon D750 in Australia was introduced in 2014, and we can say that it was the renewal of Nikon digital cameras. As it was not only digital camera that was launched in 2014, along with D750, D810 was also released in the same year. Nikon D750 is the improved version and a big brother of D700. The case is quite compact and light, with a good grip on the right hand. Without having large hands, it is held well without getting tired, especially since it weighs 250 grams less than its predecessor, the D700.

Price and Availability

The Nikon D750 has a motorised opening that can be controlled during recording, which allows smooth and silent diaphragm compensation, as well as manual or automatic sensitivity adjustment, over a defined range. By playing with the thumb and index dials, you can adjust the exposure as you go. As for the price tag of this digital camera, it is also convincing. Nikon D750 price in Australia ranges from $1500 to $4000 AUD. We have enlisted in various stores from where you can place the order of your Nikon digital camera at a low price.

With its 24 MP full-frame sensor, the D750 offers a fine balance between definition and file size. The image quality is very satisfactory, especially in low light. When the use of flash is problematic, the increase in sensitivity is a definite advantage for the photographers. The ISO range of this digital camera is almost 100 to 12,800.

The autofocus from the D4S is of high quality, and the 3D tracking function works wonderfully even in complicated light conditions. By detecting the colours and the intensity of the light, the autofocus quickly follows its target, especially with subjects moving like a moving car.

It has a burst of 6.5 I/s, which is more than enough for any beginner user to use. Of course, we are far from devices at more than 11 fps, but these are not the same weight as the D750.

Nikon Body

The case is more compact than the Nikon D700, those who will switch from one to the other will have a funny feeling, but it is not necessarily a bad thing, the device is very well designed, and the grip is very pleasant, despite its compactness. Its measurements are rather well-chosen, just large enough to have a good grip on the coating of outstanding quality, and only small enough that we want to take it everywhere with us. Especially since it is light, in fact, delightful to handle, some will see it as a defect personally.