Next generation Supplements are 100 percent Australian supplement which is owned by Eddy Tannourji and his wife, Diana Tannourji and was founded in 2004. It quickly became one of the leading sports supplements brand in Australia with leading products such as MEGAPRO, HYDRO-ISO, MEGA GROW, and many others. Next-generation supplements are manufactured in accordance with the stringent standards of products certified by food standards Australia. NGS has been designed on the basis of the highest quality ingredients and stringent manufacturing standards so that customers know what's on the product label.

History of the brand

In 2004, Eddy Tannourji, a former police officer and owner of a gymnasium, founded next generation supplements (NGS). From an early age, involved in the health and wellness industry, Eddy has always been passionate about providing nutrition advice and programs to people looking for wellness goals. Passionate about health and well-being in his work environment, Eddy quickly became the authority for everything that touches on nutrition. His employment role has evolved as an Advisor, instruction and programming for the Victoria Police and assists operational police members as an internal instructor.

In 1994, Eddy opened the Edwardes Lake fitness club in reservoir Melbourne with his partner and wife, not far from his workplace. Here he has expanded his knowledge base with experience in the field of nutrition and supplements programs for high-level athletes. Coach of over 300 athletes during his 8 years as an owner in his own facilities, Eddy has also become a well-established State of physical athletics and an international winner, with 4 best results at the level world. Still competing at the age of 48 years, Eddy's passion is always as strong.

Conscious of the speed of life and the lack of nutrients in food processing, Eddy paved the way for his passion, spending four years developing, learning and searching for compliments. In 2004, the next generation supplements (NGS) were introduced into the Australian market, with a focus on quality Australian products made from raw materials.

Currently, NGS manufactures and distributes products ranging from powdered proteins to vegetarian capsules and powders, including pure organic certified turmeric powder. With the development of current products, next generation supplements continue to grow on the market. It belongs to 100% to Australians, its products are mainly made in Australia and the company is known for its ecological and clean standards of living and manufacturing.

Where to Buy

Today, NGS serves over 450 retail stores, gyms, studios and wellness centers, as well as more than 400 pharmacies throughout Australia. With government contracts and exports to Asia, Eddy's vision has been extended. be the most diversified supplements company in Australia.  You can purchase all these NGS products from the Australian most famous website that offers you the best products in the best price range.